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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday is Purple Day

So, we spent today painting Addy's is very beautiful. She has been wanting to paint her room since we started painting stuff last fall. Xuan and the crew came over. We had our neighbor girls watch the kids and she and I did it. It took us a long time but her room is beautifully purple...a few different shades. Xuan is awesome. She even took my kids home with her so we could go out with the camp band for dinner. I guess I should say she's a glutton for punishment. She is always willing to help and do whatever. She doesn't complain. I need to be more like her. I will do things but not always with the right spirit. I'm so thankful for her. If you're reading...thanks girl!!

Well, our van is not imaginary anymore. It is there and getting a transmission that is costing us MORE than what they originally quoted but at least we'll have 2 running vehicles. They did give us a car from their lot. I am driving an's huge and takes alot of gas. At least it has 4 doors:)

Tomorrow looks busy. I'll post about our weekend later. I'm pooped and still have to get the house back together so I can tutor in the morning. UGH!

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