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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What 2 movies in one day?

I know, you're shocked right??!!  Yesterday everyone left and we were trying to distract ourselves.  Levi was going "shooting" with friends.  Lori called to see if we wanted to go catch a movie with them. Yes, we did:)  We saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  Later that night,  the adults went to see "Couples Retreat." It was a fantastic day. I am so so so thankful for good friends!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lowry Family Pic

This is the Lowry crew. Levi's parents, Scott & Terry. Levi's grandmother, Marie, and our crew!
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wowser Catalyst is rockin' my face off......

We've had an AWESOME weekend at Catalyst.  Saturday started with family fun day. We took the kids to see Princess & The Frog. It was cute...there was some scary voodoo stuff but both kids (and parents) survived and it was cute. 

Saturday night we had our Christmas concert at Catalyst. It was a lot of fun...very laid back and great music if I do say so myself!  I think you can check it out at

Then today another awesome day. Levi did a great job sharing about Mary's role in the birth of Jesus (ha that sounds funny since she birthed Jesus-you know what I mean).  I love when Levi is transparent and just him. I love love love that!!!  Ooh la la I hope he reads this:)

Music was awesome today.  Our band is awesome. I realize that could come off arrogant since I am in the band but I mean the people in the band.  They're incredible and I am so lucky to be up there with them.  They seriously rock my socks off:) 

Meagan was definitely the show stopper today...she busted out some rock opera and KILLED it!!! I love when people are shocked by talent and today they were just that. If you missed it, you really missed it. can go back and watch at 

SO excited for Christmas...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And Another One Bites & Another One Bites, Another One Bites the dust.....

seriously another week with no blogging....what am I thinking? I have the best intentions.  Let me recap this week because the previous one is just a blur......

Okay so Levi went out of town on his "retreat" Monday and didn't get back until Wed. evening.  The weekend before we went to a Saint Karla show in Deep Ellum, Sprang was opening for them. And another band, Surprise! Surprise! played too. It was a night of Christmas songs. It was a lot of fun.  We were sitting in a club celebrating Christ's birth....crazy & fun all at the same time!  We get home and as we're walking in the door, we hear yelling & 2 gunshots. It was kind of crazy.  Apparently we have some neighbors that had a family disturbance so one of them decided to shoot 2 shots in the ground at midnight....not typical!!!  I do have to admit it kind of freaked me out.  Sometime during this evening, Levi lost his car keys.  So that is a story in itself, I'm actually trying to forget it.

The last 2 Sundays I've been in The Lab with the elementary kids. I enjoy that but I miss hearing Levi.  We're praying that God would bring someone who lives & breathes kid's to help out in The Lab.  It's great don't get me wrong we're just praying!

Random I know so just hang with me.....I'm trying to catch you up.

This has been the most fun Christmas.  Both kids are in awe of EVERYTHING Christmas and I absolutely love it.  We've been watching Christmas movies like they are going out of style.  We are really trying to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas as well (I knew I should throw that in before you start thinking it's all about Santa):) 

A few weeks ago, Levi preached about giving and doing and sacrificing for others (I'm paraphrasing, that's what I heard).  I've been praying that God would make my heart tender to needs around me and be open to those things.  I want to instill that into our kids. I want them to be tender-hearted to God's calling and loving to His people.  I never want to focus on me and my wants. I want to focus on other people's needs.  That's hard sometimes, especially during this time of year.  We adopted an angel tree child this year and I talked alot with Addy about that. I want her to know that people have needs and we can help. I think sometimes I think I can't help because we don't have an abundance of cash. HELLO....I can help. There are others with no clothes (I wrote clues and had to re-type that is funny-sorry side note there), no food, no jackets....I can help.  I want to help!

I'm loving our C Group. I am amazed at their kindness and willingness to serve and love others.  We went to Rockwall's Helping Hands Wednesday night and sorted toys.  It was amazing how fast they worked and how much fun we all had.  I'm so thankful for them.  Truly!!!

Addy & K Man were in their first Christmas performance at their school this week.  I'm going to upload the videos in a bit so you can watch.  Addy even had a line to say.  They're awesome. I'm so thankful for them. Last night we went with Xuan and her kids to Richardson's Santa Village.  It was fun.  When we got home, I read them Max Lucado's book, In Case You Ever Wonder. I got teary as I read.  I don't ever want my kids to wonder if and how much i love them or if I'll always be there for them. I want them to know how much God loves them too.  I'm thankful!!!

Random but I think you're caught up on the Lowry Life!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i haven't posted in a week.....I am so behind.  We've had a busy and fun week.  I'll post more later.  Looking forward to a great day tomorrow at Catalyst.  We'd love to have can always watch online.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Day

Today was a busy but good day!  The kids (& I) slept a little later this morning.  We had to get ready and had Brenda cut our hair.  BTW, she did an AWESOME job on all 3 of us (she cut Levi's Friday).  She trimmed The Adsters.  She did awesome, especially on K Man (he can be a challenge).  We hung out there for a while.  She also waxed my eyebrows which I needed desperately.  We got home and decided to change the Christmas pic time from 4:50 to 1:30.  So, I got the kiddos ready and rushed out the door.  They did SUPER at the pics, they turned out so stinkin' cute!! We blew some time at Target while they were getting our pics ready.  We stopped by to get new toll tag stickers.  We met Levi for dinner (gift cards rock!!) then headed to Sam's.  Levi took K home and the girls went to Target & Michaels.  It was a long but good day.  At dinner, A picked up a kid's menu and totally sounded out the word, milk. I mean she told me all the letters and then went back and sounded out their sounds and said, "That's milk."  I got teary...truly I did.   What a big girl thing to do! I'm so proud of that little chica!!!  Then K Man just does crazy stuff. He is saying so much and is turning into quite the trickster.  He was using the potty tonight and had gas and he said, "My bottom say (insert sound noise)."  And just laughed and laughed.  They are so awesome!!!

Looking forward to an equally busy & wonderful Tuesday!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is late and I so should be in bed but I'm not.  I'm finishing some things and caught up on Glee and just enjoying the quiet.  I reflect a lot in the quiet.  I think about the day, my kids, my to do's, my regrets of the day, my plan for tomorrow, lots of thoughts.  Tonight I'm reflecting on the birth of my kids.  We have friends that had their first baby this morning.  As I read their thoughts, it took me back to when we first held our baby girl for the first time and thoughts about holding our baby boy for the first time.  I always thought how those thoughts would be so prevalent and strong forever but thinking back, it feels like forever ago.  Man I love my kids.  I would give my own life for them.  I am so in love with them it hurts sometimes.  I can remember when we held Ad for the first time and the emotion was so deep and strong and intense.  I remember thinking, "If what I'm feeling is this powerful and I'm human, how much more does God love us?"  I had a glimpse of what it must have felt like for God to send Jesus into the world.  If I let myself, I kind of question how He could have done that to His son.  I don't think I could give my kids up for someone else's life.  Just being honest here.  Then I think, wow, how much does He love us then?  His sacrifice of His son was ultimate, there is nothing greater to give than your child's life.  He loves us that much, what an overwhelming thought.  I'm thankful for that tonight.  I'm thankful for God's people that show Levi and I so much love on a daily basis.  I don't mean to be cheesey or weird but we are amazed by the people that are in our lives (CatRow peeps, friends, neighbors, other pastors). It's awesome.  As I sat in my living room tonight surrounded by our small group, I lit up inside.  I felt a real sense of joy at sharing life in such a casual and freeing way. It was awesome.  I love that I can be me. I love that my house can be dusty and that my dishes don't all match and I don't feel judged or stressed about any of if.  I love that our small group walks in our door without knocking....I love that!  I love that our friends are willing to share vulnerably.  I love that my husband teaches & preaches in a way that is inviting and relational and is vulnerable.  I love that God is using Him.

Another random blog from me!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dang Gina

Dang I need to blog. I totally blogged (in my head-ha) while I was folding & putting away about 10 loads of laundry.  It was good too.   Too bad I don't have a talk to type feature that does it for me.  I'm kind of pooped and have got to go prepare my secret Santa gift for tomorrow. I need/want to write more....gotta catch you up on me!!  That sounds so egotistical.  It's really not that exciting, I'm just missing it!