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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Today was a wonderful day. I'm so thankful to live in the USA. So thankful to all the men & women who sacrificed their lives for my freedom. Thank you!!!

We enjoyed a great day as a family. We ran a few errands, worked in the yard (thank you Chris & Levi), enjoyed lunch together, a Target run, naptime, and then a BBQ at our friend's house. It was wonderful. A great day, enjoy great people and thanking God for all of His many blessings!! Feeling very fortunate:) I added a pic today. Our friend's bought a slip n slide and they had a blow up neck, I think so:) It was actually a lot of fun to watch. Not sure if Daddy or kiddos had more fun!!
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Menu for the Week

Okay so you know EL & I are Dave Ramsey was probably one of the biggest blessings that we randomly heard his radio show almost 10 years ago while driving back to Nashville from our honeymoon.  He was running a sale on FPU and so we thought we'd give it a shot. Another random but cool thing was that when we got home, we checked our mail and someone had sent us a late wedding present and it was the amount of the class...crazy right:)  So, we enrolled and went to 13 weeks of Financial Peace University.  It was huge for us.  We began our married life living on a budget, within our means, and saving for our future.  We ended up paying around $65,000-$70,000 in loans (student loans-yes I went to a private, Christian college that ate my lunch in student loans, brand new car-I loved my Honda, 2 Master's degrees-bogo since he was employed by the school) and we also saved 20% to put down on a house payment.  We rocked Dave Ramsey!!  We had a lot going for us, Levi didn't make a whole lot as a RD of a men's dorm BUT we had no living expenses, he got a free master's, and he had a SWEET part time job at Highland Park Church (awesome experience).  The first year, I was a secretary not making a whole lot.  The last 2 years, I taught and the school that I was at included summer school so it was awesome.  The situation was GREAT!!  Anyway, I say all that to say, it was a blessing because if you've heard our "We Moved to Texas" story you'll know that we got our butts kicked in the finances department.  We paid 2 mortgages for 13 months and lost a lot on our house in North Carolina.  Fortunately, we haven't accrued any credit card debt and we are rebuilding our savings.  It's all good and it was a good life lesson for us.  I tend to be judgemental (Annie-I've lost count of my character flaws but that's another).  Because we were such good savers and money spenders, I thought it was well within everyone elses means to save and pay debt.  And, I do think that the choices we have to be accountable and responsible with our money.  At the same time, life sometimes deals you situations that don't always fit into that nice, neat box of logic.  I've learned to lighten up on that kind of stuff...okay so I'm learning. 

oh my lands....anyway, the purpose of this blog was to tell you my menu for the week.  We live out of our envelopes and try to NOT eat out too often...ha!!!  Here goes:
Monday-cookout (I'm taking strawberry shortcake & corn on the cob)
Tuesday- ham, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday- grilled chicken pizza & salad
Thursday- chicken pot pie
Friday- steaks, baked potatoes, salad
Saturday- grilled chicken & veggies

However, ELi has not taken me out for my birthday dinner...SO not his fault, our schedules have been crazy and I can hear him now, "You went to see Wicked on your birthday with your friends."   yeah yeah yeah... :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week was my birthday.  Birthdays are not as big of a deal as they used to be. AL & LJ were very sad that I wasn't having a party.  She especially kept asking what kind of cake I would have and who was coming, etc etc etc.  LJ asked me if I was going to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. It was cute!!  A few months ago a friend asked me if I wanted to go see Wicked with her (and a group of others) and it was sometime in May.  Well, yes i wanted too and I connived with EL and it was going to be part of my mother's day and part birthday.  Last week, EL found a FAB deal on a camera that I've been wanting to that was the other part of my birthday.  I knew what I was getting, no surprise there.  It just wasn't a big deal.  BUT, when I woke up Thursday..back up.  Wednesday night we had "restaurant night" with our C group (BIG C group, our original group split into 3 and everybody is invited to restaurant night once a month).  It was awesome and we had 2 or 3 new couples was GREAT!!  My friend, mentioned above, baked me a cake and brought it.  So, when the waiter put it in front of me, our group of thirty-something all started singing "Happy Birthday" in the crazy, obnoxious way only they can.  It was a tad embarrassing but fun none the less.  It made me feel special, I love surprises FYI. So, Thursday I wake up and I felt great.  I think I'm supposed to feel like 34 is old and I'm creeping up in life. I don't!!  I feel great.  I look in the mirror and smile, not arrogantly. I'm thankful! 
I'm thankful for my husband, he is wonderful.  He loves me, just the way I am.  I have loved watching him come into his own as a lead pastor. I am so proud of him.  I love how he looks for the best in people and is quick to forgive. 
 I'm thankful for my kids, they are incredible.  I love listening to them laugh and play. I love that AL tells LJ what to say while they're playing pretend and he says it word for word. I love that when they're at a playground, they stay together and make sure each other are taken care of.  I love that they love each other.  (they sound perfect don't they??  they do fight really well too by the way.)
I'm thankful that I get to stay home with them and enjoy this time in their lives.  It has been a major sacrifice, ask EL but so worth it!!
I'm thankful that I'm a mom.  I realize that there are lots of women that struggle with conceiving, carrying, nurturing children. Being a mom is a privilege. 
I'm thankful for my parents and sister and HUGE extended family.  I have so many wonderful memories.
I'm thankful that I'm learning and growing in my relationship with Christ.  I'm thankful for a God who also loves me for me, imperfect.  I'm thankful that He nudges me to work on areas of me where my pride gets in the way, when my temper gets short with my kids and husband, when I feel self conscious, when I'm negative, controlling, holding a grudge, comparing myself with others.  I'm thankful that He loves me in spite of that crap that I struggle with. 
I'm thankful for Catalyst.  It has been so cool to be a part of a group of people who are who they are.  I love that they are authentic and real and genuine (yes, I realize those are synonyms).  I love that I don't go to a church that "plays" church but who is the church. 
I'm thankful for my friends.  I feel IMMENSELY blessed in this area.  This last weekend alone, I got teary eyed thinking about all my blessings AKA friends.  I got to spend Thursday night at Wicked with a group of some of the BEST Mommy friends I could ask for. Friday afternoon, I met a friend from the Mother's Day Out (and our church).  I've made great friends teaching at the MDO.  Friday, I met one of my YoYo's who was here in Dallas on vacation.  My YoYo's are incredible!!  Today, we spent the morning at the pool with Wonder Woman and her family.  I am surrounded by wonderful, caring friends.  I've thought about the song from Wicked, "Good."  The lyrics are, "because I knew you, I have been changed for good." That is so true for me with the friends I have in my life.  I love that!!
And this might be kind of dumb but, I'm thankful for music.  I love to sing.  This month has been my month off from the band.  I wasn't looking forward to it.  I think it has become part of my identity, which isn't all bad.  I really enjoyed being able to hang out in the lobby and help with some other projects.  It was a good break for me.  I've missed it and I'm glad I have missed it.  We met last week for camp practice.  That's the first time I've sang (not counting the car or shower) in a few weeks.  I want to look forward to that and this month I did.  So, that's good. I loved being able to just "be." It was a good change for me and it's allowed me to be a little more reflective. I need that!

So, for me, I'm looking forward to a kickin' 34th year.  I've got so much to be thankful for and I'm glad I'm starting my year with a happy, full heart!! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calling all Gardeners

Here's a great chance to score some inexpensive plants, trees, shrubs, etc.  Go to Spring Hill Nursery and use coupon code 414217 to get $20 off of a $20 order. You do have to pay shipping. I think mine was $7.95 but that's super cheap.  This is a great way to get some great items for your garden!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just scored some super cheap toilet paper.  I paid $16.18 for 5 24 packs of toilet paper, that's 120 rolls.  Breaks down to $3.39 for a 24 packs....crazy!!!
  • So go to Staples website. (If you're a member of the shop at home website, you can get cash back.)
  • Click on the deals of the day.  Click on that, Marcel Bath Tissue 24 pack for $4.99.  
  • Add that to your cart.
  • Then, go to the top of the screen and click "order by item #." 
  • Enter 593805-V6.  
  • Add 1 to your cart (you can adjust the quantity to whatever you want).  
  • You can order 1 and it's $9.95 shipping or free shipping if you pick it up at a Staples Store.  
  • OR, if you order 5 or more, there is free shipping.  
  • I ordered 5 so it was $54.95- $40.00 + FREE SHIPPING + $1.23 for tax. 
  • So, for $16.18, I scored 120 rolls of TP.  
  • Woooohoo!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So...I had a few teacher gifts to deliver today and I had no bags. I googled it and made my own. They turned out cute. I've got to figure out a better way for the ribbon (handles) to stay on and strong:)
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I LOVE's therapuetic....truly!

So, we're back home and I am trying to tackle laundry....last load is washing now.  I have to fold and put it all away  I had to run to the store to get milk and other stuff that I had coupons for.  So....I went to Target. I love Target.  They have great coupons that stack with the manufacturer coupons.  It's wonderful.  Here's what I got:

No coupons for:
milk $2.04
kid cups $2.89
grapes $1.29
Total= $6.22

These I had a manufacturer coupon for:
Febreeze Noticable Starter Kit- $5.99- $4 coupon= $1.99
Febreeze Noticable Starter Kit- $5.99- $4 coupon= $1.99
California Pizza for One $2.50-$1 coupon= $1.50
California Pizza for One $2.50-$1 coupon= $1.50
Tampax Tampons $3.99-$2 coupon=$1.99
Total= $8.97

These I had both a manufactuer & a Target coupon for:
Scrubbing Bubbles Max Fresh Starter Kit- $6.29 -$6.29 coupon= $0
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel- $3.94 -$0.75= $3.29
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel- $3.94
BUY 3 Scrubbing Bubbles products, get a $5 Target giftcard coupon
Dove Body Mist $2.99- $1.50 mnf cpn-$1 Target cpn= $0.49
Schick 3 Hydro Razor- $6.99- $5 mnf cpn - $1 Target cpn = $0.99
Schick 3 Hydro Razor- $6.99- $5 mnf cpn - $1 Target cpn = $0.99
Kleenex Hand Towels - $2.99- $1 mnf cpn- $1 Target cpn= $0.99
Kleenex Hand Towels - $2.99- $1 mnf cpn- $1 Target cpn= $0.99
Bandaid Brand Bandaids- $1.82 - $0.75 Target cpn= $1.07
Nexcare Kids Bandaids- $1.84 - $1 mnf cpn - $0.50 Target cpn = $0.34
Nexcare Kids Bandaids- $1.84 - $1 mnf cpn - $0.50 Target cpn = $0.34
Scrubbing Bubbles Once a Day Shower $8.99- $5 mnf cpn= $3.99
Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Once a Day Shower Starter Kit, get a $5 Target giftcard coupon
Scrubbing Bubbles Once a Day Shower $8.99- $5 mnf cpn= $3.99
Buy Scrubbing Bubbles Once a Day Shower Starter Kit, get a $5 Target giftcard coupon
Kraft 100 cal Cheese Packs- $2.49- $1 mnf cpn- $0.75 Target cpn= $0.74
Kraft 100 cal Cheese Packs- $2.49- $1 mnf cpn- $0.75 Target cpn= $0.74
(the Target cpn was actually buy 2 Kraft cheese products, get $1.50 off)
Tag Jr. Book $9.99- $5 mnf cpn- $1.50 Target cpn= $3.49
Tag Book $7.99 - $5 mnf cpn- $1.50 Target cpn= $1.49
(the Target coupon was actually buy 2 Kilan products, get $3 off) 
Crystal Light on the go $1.97 - $1 mnf cpn - $0.33 Target cpn= $0.64
Crystal Light on the go $1.97 - $1 mnf cpn - $0.33 Target cpn= $0.64
Crystal Light on the go $1.97 -  $0.33 Target cpn= $1.64
(Target cpn was buy 3, get $1 off)
Kraft Salad dressing $1.89 - $0.55 mnf cpn- $1.34
Kraft Salad dressing $1.89 - $0.55 mnf cpn- $1.34
Kraft Salad dressing $1.89 - $1.89 Target cpn(buy 2 Kraft dressings, get 1 free)$0
Total =  $33.47
Grand Total was $48.68 with tax which is a little more than I wanted to spend BUT, I got $15 back in giftcards which means I spent $33.53.  That's not bad for all that I got. I am stockpiling some of this stuff.  So, my big question is, did I do better than the Dollar Tree?? I had 31 items...I was so close:)   It averages out to be $1.08 per item.  I got some great finds, especially the Tag books for the kids. Lots of these coupons were printables and you can still go grab these same deals.  DO IT!! It's fun!  And on a side note, I'm a BZZ agent which means I get to try products out and get coupons to share. So, we tried the scrubbing bubbles extend a clean kits.  They are awesome.  I have some $5 off coupons if you'd like to try it.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never Expected

We just got home from our trip.  We went to NC for Levi to officiate a wedding (and I sang).  It was awesome.  We didn't tell very many people we were coming.  We wanted a low key trip.  There are so many people there we'd love to see but it is just so hard to get it all in.  The wedding was wonderful, we have such great memories of NC.  It hit me when Levi told someone at the wedding, "Well, I can't think of anyone else to come back to marry."  There are a couple but we have no reason to come back to NC which is sad for me in a way, because we have so many wonderful friends.  It is life and things keep moving and changing.  We definitely hold those memories dear. 

I am pooped but I had to blog before I forget.  Today was a hellacious day as far as airports go. We were in the airport/airplanes for 9 hours.  Two of our flights were delayed, then we sat in the last plane for almost 2 hours due to mechanical issues....HELLACIOUS doesn't do it justice with little ones who do not understand why we can't just get home.  A 26 year old woman sat next to us, after about an hour and a half of sitting there, we began chatting. It was pretty simple at first. We started talking about the mechanical issue and what if it didn't get "fixed." Which then went to other various topics, politics, 1 world order, very random I know.  Then, all of a sudden, she began telling me about her struggle with homosexuality.  I don't care where you stand on that issue (don't mean that rude but I'm just telling a story and these were her words not mine).  She said she truly struggles with it.  She desires to be the person God wants her to be. She's not sure what that all means.  She continued to pour out her heart and experiences as we flew.  She told me how she felt like God had spoken to her in the past and how she was in a church that loved her the way that she was but that she also heard Biblical truth preached with compassion, grace, and mercy.  She told me that she realized that she needed to figure out things for herself because she is accountable for herself.  She started reading a book called Simple Theology that was helping her figure some things out.  She is also reading the Bible and in a Bible study.  As I sat and listened, I wiped a few tears because again, I see how God works in the simplest of situations.  We didn't figure out the issue of homosexuality, that wasn't the only issue that we talked about.  I'm realizing that just listening and not feeling like I have to fix or agree or solve issues is so much more important.  She had a rough life and my heart broke for her and rejoiced with her on that plane tonight.  We didn't solve any issues but I was able to love on a girl that has felt unlovable for a long time. We exchanged information.  It was awesome that she just opened up and we shared our stories together, I love that!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Target Dealios!!

Okay so I got a little behind on my couponing and that is bad news. Now I'm caught up.  Couponing is addicting and exhilarating all at the same time. My favorite two places to coupon are Target & Kroger.  For different reasons.  So, I went to Target last night LATE and had a great time by myself getting some good deals.   Here goes:
2 Honey Mustard Dipping Sauces
1 Cascade Complete
1 apple juice
2 Sally Hansen Quik Dry (thank you JuJu)
3 Sally Hansen polishes (GREAT colors BTW)
2 Right Guard Total Defense deoderants
2 Michaelina Lean Gourmets
4 Carefree Panti-liners
1 box of Caprisun Waters

Okay, price before coupons was $44 something...I paid $12.  AWESOME!!! I did have some great coupons.

So, because it was so addicting and I had other coupons for stuff that was out of stock...I went back today.  I got
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Pack
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Start Kit
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Start Refills
1 Bic 4 color pen
2 GE Energy Saver lightbulbs

I paid right around $10 for today's deals but also got a $5 gift card which sweetened the deal. I LOVE scrubbing bubbles products. If you haven't tried the new Extend a Clean, it is awesome. I have a few coupons I'd be willing to share if anybody wants to try it.  I am a bzz agent and get great offers. If you coupon, they had a $5 giftcard if you buy the starter kit. They were out of these at my Target.

Another little run in at my Target today was that I tried to buy 2 more packs of Carefree pantiliners.  I had $1 off of any carefree product.  My cashier wouldn't take it because the packs were only $0.97.  I didn't argue...much.  A GSA came and told me they don't let you use coupons that are a higher value than the product. This isn't true...I've done it.  The item rings up free, and of course, they don't hand me $0.03 but who cares?!!  Carefree is going to send Target $1 so just take the stinkin' dollar off.  I did call corporate Target though to make sure I was right in my thinking.  They confirmed that they do accept all coupons, the item should have been free.  Likewise, if the value of the coupon is for less than the product price, I would pay the difference, again confirming what my experience usually is.

I love Target.  They offer Target coupons on their website and you can stack those with the manufacturer coupons which equals GREAT savings!!!  I love it!!!

My goal every time I coupon is to beat the Dollar Tree, last night I did for sure.  Today, I did when you count the giftcard:)

Woohoo!!!  Be encouraged to clip some coupons, the savings DEFINITELY add up!!

So I'm procrastinating....

I'm pretty good at it. I don't have much to say but I am going to blog about my Target deals in just a second.  Let me recap the weekend.  Mother's Day was GREAT!!!  I got a homemade garden stone, mani/pedi, flowers, & Wicked tix (part birthday too-which is May 27-just in case you were wondering) :)  We went to Chiloso for lunch, birthday party, & group date. It was a great day!! 

Church was good Sunday.  We were packed for second service. This was the first Sunday for the new band rotation. It was nice to be able to chill and enjoy talking in the morning.  The only frustration was the new computer check in system...the computer freaked. 

Mother's Day did make me miss my mom.  I hate that we're so far away.  Excited to see my family this's going to be crazy but fun!!!

Okay, so I'm going to do a new post on my Target deals and then pack b/c I'm the only one in our house NOT packed. 

Friday, May 7, 2010


Things are getting crazy around here, lots going on....some are secret (for now) and some are not. School is ending so we're finishing up projects and preparing for the end of the year program.  I love the mother's day out where I work.  I love my kids' teachers and all of the women there. It has been such a wonderful experience for me.  Yesterday, we were talking and New York was talking to me about my blog and one of the other teachers heard.  She wanted to know what I called her. I told her she had to do something blog worthy to get on my blog (as if being her isn't enough).  So, she did.  She's a lot of fun.  She told me code name she be "Hater" because she basically threw me under the bus to get written about.  I'm debating between Scrappy & Sug.  Scrappy because she's in charge of an overwhelming project at school and she does a FABULOUS job at it.  OOOh...maybe I should call her Fab because she is fabulous.  Sug because she's so sweet and thoughtful and she does go out of her way to help:)  I like Fab, that's kind of sassy:)

So FAB, consider yourself blogged!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sexy Hot

Got your attention didn't I???

I wrote this and had Babe read it...he didn't like to be referred to as Babe, said it reminded him of the pig.  So, now he's EL, he wanted to be "L" but I think "el" is funnier:) Onto the good stuff.....

Okay so I don't pride myself in being a pastor's wife.  I try NOT to tell peeps that about me.  However, we've tried to be a different couple when it comes to being a pastor & wife.  (which only makes sense because our church is a different church).  I was told one time that as a pastor's wife, I would not be able to have friends, I would be alone, I couldn't be vulnerable with the people of our church.  That statement has haunted me because I so didn't want it to be true.  I know nothing else to be but myself.  El & I have had lots of conversations about expectations and roles when it comes to being pastor and wife.  Not "those" kind of roles people...more like boundaries for ourselves and our family.  We've tried to be really true to who we are.  We are us, imperfect, crazy, moody (more so me), etc.  If I'm upset or not feeling it, you're probably going to know it. I don't mean that gives me the right to be a jerk and personally, I do need to be better about disconnecting situations and life. If something happens and I get upset, I need to be able to let that go and not let that taint my mood for the rest of the day.  There's balance there and I'm working on that.

Back to the point, I am a pastor's wife.  I'm okay with that because that doesn't define me, it enhances me.  I love the people that we've been blessed with.  I love that I can be me. I love that I'm bobbing and weaving all over the place after church.   I love that I get to be involved in all of their lives.  I love that because I love them...genuinely love them.  That's not my "job" as pastor's wife because honestly, not all pastor's wives do that.  I do it because it's who I am as Heather, not because I feel like I need to shake your hand and thank you for coming to church.  If you know me, I'm going to grab you and hug you, not shake your hand...puhlease!!

There is a downside to me (ha-as if that's a shocker).  I take things pretty personally, working on that too.  I want El and I to be all for all.  I want everyone to be happy and love everything.  And then reality smacks me in the face.  I have to realize that El and I have completely different personalities (as do most other couples on the planet).  He is an introvert in social situations.  He's content to sit in a chair on the side and talk with one person or noone.  He needs to be able to just veg out after being in social situations because he is drained.  Not so much for me.  It has taken me a while to be okay with this mainly because I'm quite opposite.

And here is where the struggle for me happens.  We are vulnerable and honest and lay it all out there.  That's who we are....there is risk in that.  When you're vulnerable, you give others the opportunity to kick you while you're down.  So for me, as a people pleaser who wants everybody to be happy, I don't like to be kicked.  I want everyone to be happy with me and with El.  That doesn't always happen and I take it personally.  And then I think, "HEY, do I come into your business (no b/c you have not been vulnerable-granted most other people don't stand up every Sunday and share their vulnerability) and just give you my opinion about stuff?  Do I expect you and your family to be or do or perform in the way that I want?"  No, I don't, well sometimes I do get offended by stuff but I try to get over it and keep things in perspective.  It's always baffled me the way people scrutinize pastors (& their families).  I hate that part of El's job.  However, I'm learning that it comes with the job and I have to deal with it because I come with El....we're a package deal. 

I'm learning to let people be who they are.  Life is a process and we're all learning and growing and struggling at different rates and levels and stages.  I just want the same for my family.  I want grace and mercy and second chances.  In the same breath, I have to give grace, mercy and second chances.  I can't hold onto things either.  We're so imperfect. I am so imperfect. I daily have to apologize to someone for something and if I'm being completely honest, I don't apologize to El enough for my shortcomings. I'm prideful.  BUT, I'm learning.

El did a great job yesterday talking about feet washing...he again was humble and vulnerable.  I'm sure he's heard a lot of comments about doing laundry on FB and people trying to be funny about it.  That's okay, he's a good sport about it  I told him yesterday, "How cool would it be if God uses you and what you taught yesterday to strengthen other marriages and families? "   I hope that yesterday and today, there are husbands and wives who are NOT focusing on themselves and having mini-pity parties about themselves and their situations but who ARE focusing on their spouse and their kiddos.  I hope that a husband got up this morning and made coffee for his wife before he rushed out to work.  And I hope that a wife got up and unresentfully put her husband's dirty underwear in the hampter that was 2 ft from where he threw them on the floor.  How cool would that be??!!  I love that we can be honest because we're all on the same playing field.  We're all living this life that sometimes is wonderful but sometimes just sucks.  We all struggle with kids, parenting, financies, MARRIAGE, we're all there.  Let's quit hiding.

If I've learned one thing from Catalyst, it's that it's okay to be honest and real. I love when we get the opportunity to reflect and share at church.  I love hearing the stories of the people of Catalyst because I know it will not be bs but it will be the sometimes ugly, real truth.

And back to the title of my post (or book-it was LONG today) sometimes the ugly, real truth is .....


It has been a while...I've got lots to say, let's see how much I can get through.

BTW, I'm going to try to start typing with code names..partly to keep anonymity of my friends & fam and partly b/c I think ti's cool.  So, hubby with be "babe' b/c that's what I usually call him.  Son will be "LJ" because he is a junior of his dad. Daughter will be "AL" because I usually add Lou to her first name when calling her.  Kind of random and crazy but hey, that's me right:)

Okay so a couple of months ago,  LJ's teacher New York, one of them, offered clothes to him.  First of all, I love the teachers at the MDO where I work and the kids go. It is AWESOME. I gladly accept and go over one afternoon to get the "bag"of clothes.  OH MY GOSH!! The clothes, shoes, PJ's, etc. filled LJ's dresser.  Then, she told me that she had more coming...she did and his closet is full too.  The clothes were in great shape, some still with tags.  I was awestruck.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my other friend, let's call her Wonder Woman...because she is and adores Wonder Woman.  She gave me a few bags of clothes from her children...again both kids got great stuff and it saves me $$$.  Again, emotional.

Am I being dramatic about my reaction?  Maybe a tiny bit but it changed my perspective.  Whenever my kids have grown out of stuff, I've worked really hard to sell them in the twice a year consignment sale or taken them to the consignment store.  Now, I've made $100 at the consignment sale and maybe $50 when I take them to the consignment store which does help...don't get me wrong.

BUT, the feeling of having your closet stocked and not having to go out and spend a small fortune each season is wonderful.  And knowing that helping someone else is better than landing money in my own pocket. I'm trying to learn this lesson.

This weekend, I went into LJ's closet and took everything out.  It was a lot and truthfully a bit overwhelming & embarassing.  It was like everytime I changed their closets, I just moved what didn't fit into his closet.  It was 3 rubbermaids full but expanded when I laid it all out.  Even as I was sorting and looking through, I thought, "I could make some money on this stuff."  Before you think I'm patting myself on the back, I'm not. I'm being honest and vulnerable and this is my blog by the way, so I can be those things:)  It is a bit of an internal struggle for me to be able to give all of that away.  I gave all the boy stuff to great friends who are having a boy this fall.  I sacked up other boy stuff for another friend.  I'm working on all the girl stuff now.

I don't know if those I am giving too are as thrilled as I was when I got the clothes but it has been a good lesson in obedience and giving for me.  I never want to be greedy and greedy might be strong.  But when I feel like I should do something, I want to be obedient to do it because maybe it's gas but maybe it's God's way of using that still small voice to have me think of others before myself.  I want to always be open to that.