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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never Expected

We just got home from our trip.  We went to NC for Levi to officiate a wedding (and I sang).  It was awesome.  We didn't tell very many people we were coming.  We wanted a low key trip.  There are so many people there we'd love to see but it is just so hard to get it all in.  The wedding was wonderful, we have such great memories of NC.  It hit me when Levi told someone at the wedding, "Well, I can't think of anyone else to come back to marry."  There are a couple but we have no reason to come back to NC which is sad for me in a way, because we have so many wonderful friends.  It is life and things keep moving and changing.  We definitely hold those memories dear. 

I am pooped but I had to blog before I forget.  Today was a hellacious day as far as airports go. We were in the airport/airplanes for 9 hours.  Two of our flights were delayed, then we sat in the last plane for almost 2 hours due to mechanical issues....HELLACIOUS doesn't do it justice with little ones who do not understand why we can't just get home.  A 26 year old woman sat next to us, after about an hour and a half of sitting there, we began chatting. It was pretty simple at first. We started talking about the mechanical issue and what if it didn't get "fixed." Which then went to other various topics, politics, 1 world order, very random I know.  Then, all of a sudden, she began telling me about her struggle with homosexuality.  I don't care where you stand on that issue (don't mean that rude but I'm just telling a story and these were her words not mine).  She said she truly struggles with it.  She desires to be the person God wants her to be. She's not sure what that all means.  She continued to pour out her heart and experiences as we flew.  She told me how she felt like God had spoken to her in the past and how she was in a church that loved her the way that she was but that she also heard Biblical truth preached with compassion, grace, and mercy.  She told me that she realized that she needed to figure out things for herself because she is accountable for herself.  She started reading a book called Simple Theology that was helping her figure some things out.  She is also reading the Bible and in a Bible study.  As I sat and listened, I wiped a few tears because again, I see how God works in the simplest of situations.  We didn't figure out the issue of homosexuality, that wasn't the only issue that we talked about.  I'm realizing that just listening and not feeling like I have to fix or agree or solve issues is so much more important.  She had a rough life and my heart broke for her and rejoiced with her on that plane tonight.  We didn't solve any issues but I was able to love on a girl that has felt unlovable for a long time. We exchanged information.  It was awesome that she just opened up and we shared our stories together, I love that!!

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Levi said...

I have to admit that it was funny to hear you say, " I got to love on a girl" at the end of this post. You say it all the time, but it hit me funny in the context of this entry. LOL.
I love you and believe you were supposed to sit by that woman last night.