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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Target Dealios!!

Okay so I got a little behind on my couponing and that is bad news. Now I'm caught up.  Couponing is addicting and exhilarating all at the same time. My favorite two places to coupon are Target & Kroger.  For different reasons.  So, I went to Target last night LATE and had a great time by myself getting some good deals.   Here goes:
2 Honey Mustard Dipping Sauces
1 Cascade Complete
1 apple juice
2 Sally Hansen Quik Dry (thank you JuJu)
3 Sally Hansen polishes (GREAT colors BTW)
2 Right Guard Total Defense deoderants
2 Michaelina Lean Gourmets
4 Carefree Panti-liners
1 box of Caprisun Waters

Okay, price before coupons was $44 something...I paid $12.  AWESOME!!! I did have some great coupons.

So, because it was so addicting and I had other coupons for stuff that was out of stock...I went back today.  I got
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Pack
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Start Kit
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Start Refills
1 Bic 4 color pen
2 GE Energy Saver lightbulbs

I paid right around $10 for today's deals but also got a $5 gift card which sweetened the deal. I LOVE scrubbing bubbles products. If you haven't tried the new Extend a Clean, it is awesome. I have a few coupons I'd be willing to share if anybody wants to try it.  I am a bzz agent and get great offers. If you coupon, they had a $5 giftcard if you buy the starter kit. They were out of these at my Target.

Another little run in at my Target today was that I tried to buy 2 more packs of Carefree pantiliners.  I had $1 off of any carefree product.  My cashier wouldn't take it because the packs were only $0.97.  I didn't argue...much.  A GSA came and told me they don't let you use coupons that are a higher value than the product. This isn't true...I've done it.  The item rings up free, and of course, they don't hand me $0.03 but who cares?!!  Carefree is going to send Target $1 so just take the stinkin' dollar off.  I did call corporate Target though to make sure I was right in my thinking.  They confirmed that they do accept all coupons, the item should have been free.  Likewise, if the value of the coupon is for less than the product price, I would pay the difference, again confirming what my experience usually is.

I love Target.  They offer Target coupons on their website and you can stack those with the manufacturer coupons which equals GREAT savings!!!  I love it!!!

My goal every time I coupon is to beat the Dollar Tree, last night I did for sure.  Today, I did when you count the giftcard:)

Woohoo!!!  Be encouraged to clip some coupons, the savings DEFINITELY add up!!

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