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Monday, May 3, 2010


It has been a while...I've got lots to say, let's see how much I can get through.

BTW, I'm going to try to start typing with code names..partly to keep anonymity of my friends & fam and partly b/c I think ti's cool.  So, hubby with be "babe' b/c that's what I usually call him.  Son will be "LJ" because he is a junior of his dad. Daughter will be "AL" because I usually add Lou to her first name when calling her.  Kind of random and crazy but hey, that's me right:)

Okay so a couple of months ago,  LJ's teacher New York, one of them, offered clothes to him.  First of all, I love the teachers at the MDO where I work and the kids go. It is AWESOME. I gladly accept and go over one afternoon to get the "bag"of clothes.  OH MY GOSH!! The clothes, shoes, PJ's, etc. filled LJ's dresser.  Then, she told me that she had more coming...she did and his closet is full too.  The clothes were in great shape, some still with tags.  I was awestruck.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my other friend, let's call her Wonder Woman...because she is and adores Wonder Woman.  She gave me a few bags of clothes from her children...again both kids got great stuff and it saves me $$$.  Again, emotional.

Am I being dramatic about my reaction?  Maybe a tiny bit but it changed my perspective.  Whenever my kids have grown out of stuff, I've worked really hard to sell them in the twice a year consignment sale or taken them to the consignment store.  Now, I've made $100 at the consignment sale and maybe $50 when I take them to the consignment store which does help...don't get me wrong.

BUT, the feeling of having your closet stocked and not having to go out and spend a small fortune each season is wonderful.  And knowing that helping someone else is better than landing money in my own pocket. I'm trying to learn this lesson.

This weekend, I went into LJ's closet and took everything out.  It was a lot and truthfully a bit overwhelming & embarassing.  It was like everytime I changed their closets, I just moved what didn't fit into his closet.  It was 3 rubbermaids full but expanded when I laid it all out.  Even as I was sorting and looking through, I thought, "I could make some money on this stuff."  Before you think I'm patting myself on the back, I'm not. I'm being honest and vulnerable and this is my blog by the way, so I can be those things:)  It is a bit of an internal struggle for me to be able to give all of that away.  I gave all the boy stuff to great friends who are having a boy this fall.  I sacked up other boy stuff for another friend.  I'm working on all the girl stuff now.

I don't know if those I am giving too are as thrilled as I was when I got the clothes but it has been a good lesson in obedience and giving for me.  I never want to be greedy and greedy might be strong.  But when I feel like I should do something, I want to be obedient to do it because maybe it's gas but maybe it's God's way of using that still small voice to have me think of others before myself.  I want to always be open to that.


Meagan said...

Yes, we were ecstatic getting the loot!!!!!!!!! It means so much knowing that Jacob (and Isaac) will be clothed for the next 2 years!!! We really appreciate you paying it forward and want to do the same in the lives of others. Thank you :)

HeatherLow said...

Thanks Mea Mea!!!