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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been absent from my blog lately....sorry, life has been crazy...that's kind of the norm around here and I usually cope pretty well.  We're all doing great just got lots happening.  I did want to pop in for a second and catch up. We had a fabulous Easter.  The Booth's invited us over and we spent Easter afternoon and evening with them playing games, eating, and hunting Easter eggs.  Lots of fun to be had by all.  I told them when we left how much it means to us to be with a family on makes it easier to be away from our family.  I appreciate people thinking about us during the holidays, that's really thoughtful of them. Okay, that's all the nice things I"m saying about Doug Booth...I"ll continue about Lori...I'm teasing. 

Last night, we celebrated Sprangs 31st birthday.  We had a lot of fun. I'm really thankful for him. He's like a brother to Levi and that means so much to me too.  We ate at a Japanese hibachi grill place and the kiddos loved that!  Then we chilled at sbux and caught up with them. It was nice!!

This weekend, they are keeping our kids and we are using our 3 year old pastor appreciation gift certificates to a bed and breakfast.  We're looking forward to a great time of resting and relaxing.  Can't wait!!

That's about all the interesting-ness of my life.   Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 22, 2011

A pic

just because it's been forever since I've posted one.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Can I just say that the highlight of my Sunday is standing outside the front doors of Catalyst talking to our people?!!  It is, I love it.  It is brief (for the most part) but I love touching base.  So, here are what some of my conversations were today....
"So, your Mom made it to New York,"...while this little girl gives me the best hug ever!!
"Let me see your tattoo....LOVE IT."  The tat said "And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us."
"How's the campaigning going?"
"How is your mom doing? She's living with you full time now."
"It's so good to see you, I know you have a lot of family stuff going on. So glad you're here."
And then I hear Levi talking to others about goatees and other manly stuff.

And then I hear stories about the kids at our church and how they LOVE the LAB.  I realized today how very blessed we are  (Levi & I) and how blessed Catalyst is to have the volunteers we have that give of their time every week or once a month to serve others.  It's amazing.  I don't ever want to take that for granted.  Sometimes I think of this as a job and it is but it is so much more than that and today I am so grateful for it.

We ended our night at Yogurtland and letting the kids play in the park while Levi and Blain threw a frisbee and while Connie, Sheila, and I talked it was a wonderful.  We truly are blessed!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love my C Group

Okay so I'm going to be honest here, a few weeks ago, I had the wind knocked out of my sails and being the re-run's kind of bugged me ever since....lesser degrees everyday which is a good thing.  I tend to harbor and then get angry and then feel sorry ; wash and repeat.  I'm also a blamer kind of person. If there is someone to blame then it makes sense to me but if there is injustice involved, wash & repeat...definitely a character flaw of mine.  I also realize that when I experience hurt I put my arms up to keep myself guarded, not only from the perpetrator but to everyone.  I kind of go into a little shell until I talk myself out;)  That sounds a lot more dramatic than it is....if you know me, I'm an open book and even at arm's length, you're pretty close:)  Anyway, tonight was c group.  The dvd we watched was called "Corner."  It talked about how we all have something that is our overflow that is someone else's necessity.  We talked about grace and how grace isn't fair, liberation isn't fair, God isn't fair.  We do questions at the end.  Rewind, we were 3 or 4 couples short tonight and I was kind of bummed BUT OH MY LANDS...I could have stayed in my living room with those other 10 people for hours.  It was a great conversation.  We had people open up about past hurts and how God has extended grace in those situations even through the unfairness of it.  I was able to share and be honest about my patterns of behavior and how I was feeling.  I love that I can be me.  That I can say I struggle with being critical and equity and injustice and that I act like a jerk at times and don't feel judged.  I love that.

Even after the "official" time was over, we sat there and continued to talk in mini groups...I mean really talk and share. It wasn't shallow or superficial, it was relational struggles and parenting hurts, I almost got teary eyed just watching it happen.  One of the guys that shared tonight made the statement while looking around our living room, "God gave me this family."  We are family, we are the body of Christ and it is so cool when it all works together to support and listen and love.

 Sometimes it's weird balancing being the pastor's wife with my friends but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else doing anything else....that's big for me!!


So yesterday, we were doing our Bible lesson at school and I was listening to my friend tell the story of Jesus being beat and whipped.  I got teary eyed. It made me so sad that He endured that pain. I listened as she told the kids that He did that for us.  I am so grateful for that sacrifice.  I can't imagine being Mary and knowing that her son was going to endure so much pain.  As a human and a mom, I couldn't do that.  And then I think about God watching, powerful enough to stop it but letting Jesus be our sacrifice.  It breaks my heart.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Monday- Homemade Pizza
Tuesday- Tilapia, green beans, salad
Wednesday- Chicken and pasta in a cream sauce with veggies
Thursday- Ribs, french fries, peas
Friday- band cookout
Saturday- cookout with friends


This weekend was lots of fun.  Levi took Friday off and we really enjoyed it.  We were very productive which also feels GREAT!!  Saturday was fun filled. We had a soccer game, then a community fishing activity, then a birthday party with a petting zoo. We ended out night at Chickfila. While the kids and I were gone, Levi organized the garage and straightened it.  Sunday was church and on the mornings I sing, it's kind of crazy.  Feels a little like a whirlwind.  Lunch with friends and then Levi flew out to St. Louis for his stepgrandmother's funeral.  I had my first Scentsy party and it was a hit.  I had fun and sold a good amount.  Today, we didn't have school so we just ran a lot of errands to get ready for another jam packed week.

Friday, April 8, 2011


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Day Off

Levi took today off and we had such a great day.  We were very productive but balanced that with fun and it was great.  I really missed Adster today. It's not the same without her. I almost feel guilty doing fun things without her.  I have to remember, she had LOTS of fun Daddy/Addy dates before K Man knew what was going on...or cared:)  Thankful for my family and our time together!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life

Okay so we have...correction....our church has been on a baby making roll....oh my lands, seriously, like 12 or so and another due this summer. It's been crazy and wonderful. I LOVE going to the hospital and holding the babies.  I don't know if it reminds me of the 2 most life changing moments in my life when I gave birth to my own kids or what but I love it.  So, today, I got to do that for Baby Adrian.  Let me tell you, what a sweetie!!  I had to share!

I also like the thought of new life.  I love the freshness that a baby brings (ha).  There's a joy and passion and intensity that I experienced as a new parent that I never knew existed as well as a depth of love that I never before understood.  It was a spiritual experience for me.  I love the perfection of newborns, even if they're not perfect.  That 2 human beings can create a new life is amazing to me, absolutely amazing.  So much in life is petty and I waste way too much time overthinking, worrying, controlling, planning, fussing, etc.  It gives perspective to sit in a hospital room with 2 new parents and relive those moments of pure joy and the surrealness of it all.  It definitely gives perspective.

So tonight, here's to my two angel babies!!  I am so stinkin' proud to be your MOM!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We had a great day today.  Really, a great weekend.  I love it when we don't have a whole lot planned and we can just relax.  This afternoon, the kids and I finished Tangled and then we had a no electricity afternoon.  They drew and colored, and just played together. It was really nice!  Levi went biking with was a win win for everyone.

Levi and I just had a conversation about prevenient grace.  It really intrigues me.  Basically it means grace that goes before our human decision.  What that means to me is that God is pursuing me before I know it or before I want it.  I love that.  I'm thankful that He loves me where I am without "cleaning" up.

Love it!!

Okay so this is a random post so while I'm at it...I'll post my menu too:)

Monday:  Levi has a meeting; Malibu Chicken & veggies

Tuesday: Soccer practice:  Lemon & Lager Chicken, corn, & rice

Wednesday: C Group:  Pecan Crusted Chicken, veggies, & orzo

Thursday:  Grilled chicken, corn, green beans

Friday: not sure

I'm trying to do better about eating at home....such a healthier alternative (and cheaper) :)

Have a great week!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Boys

K man and I dropped A off at school and headed up to do some work at church. We decided to drop in on Daddy at Sbux and enjoy an iced coffee with him.  Now, back to the grind, paying bills, completing jury duty paperwork, and procrastinating on laundry. It will all be done and put away by tonight...ugh!  Ready for a laid back weekend enjoying the weather and being together.  Lots to be thankful for today.  Have a great weekend!