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Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life

Okay so we have...correction....our church has been on a baby making roll....oh my lands, seriously, like 12 or so and another due this summer. It's been crazy and wonderful. I LOVE going to the hospital and holding the babies.  I don't know if it reminds me of the 2 most life changing moments in my life when I gave birth to my own kids or what but I love it.  So, today, I got to do that for Baby Adrian.  Let me tell you, what a sweetie!!  I had to share!

I also like the thought of new life.  I love the freshness that a baby brings (ha).  There's a joy and passion and intensity that I experienced as a new parent that I never knew existed as well as a depth of love that I never before understood.  It was a spiritual experience for me.  I love the perfection of newborns, even if they're not perfect.  That 2 human beings can create a new life is amazing to me, absolutely amazing.  So much in life is petty and I waste way too much time overthinking, worrying, controlling, planning, fussing, etc.  It gives perspective to sit in a hospital room with 2 new parents and relive those moments of pure joy and the surrealness of it all.  It definitely gives perspective.

So tonight, here's to my two angel babies!!  I am so stinkin' proud to be your MOM!!

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