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Friday, December 31, 2010


My parents were here all week and we had a FABULOUS time.  We just enjoyed our time together, Mom and I shopped.  Dad & Levi went to a movie.  The girls got our nails done.  Mom brought Memaw's peanut butter chews and a pecan pie. I made Memaw's orange slice fruitcake.  We met Jeff & Jessica (my cousins) for dinner one night.  It was nice to just be and enjoy.  I love seeing my kids with my parents.  That bond is so cool and I am so thankful that my kids enjoy being with them so much.  Addy would wake up early and go walking with mom.  And then either before or after dinner, we'd all go walk to the park again.

They left early this morning and we're all a little sad.  A had a hard time with the departure and I kept telling her, "A, it's okay." Her response, "Not to me it isn't. It is not okay."  And when K woke up and realized they were gone, he said, "Can you call them and ask them to stay 1 more day?"  It breaks my heart!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring,
uh, well the grown ups were stirring and so was the mouse.
Mommy's reflecting on a most wonderful day;
Christmas dinner with the Wilsons since they will soon be away.
A fun afternoon filled with salt dough ornaments & paint
They are painted & baked and not one was too faint.
A drop in communion with our Catalyst family
brought tears to my eyes as we greeted them happily.
Blain & Connie took the tots so Mommy could stay
And be with Daddy and not have to run away.
They even served us dinner and we got to hang out
After it was all over, we had so much fun, we wanted to shout.
We headed home to lay out cookies, milk, & reindeer food
and found a SWEET, surprise Christmas gift on our door, WOAH DUDE!!
The kids opened their Christmas jammies & headed for bed
with visions of Santa & jingles jingling in their head.
Daddy read about Zechariah, Elizabeth, & John
A & K had their best listening ears on.
We tucked the boy in & how quickly he slept,
Then away to the girl's room Mommy & Daddy crept.
We had her first communion  & explained what it meant
That Jesus' coming meant a life of servanthood He spent.
God sent Him to us so we could have life
But we have to remember His death & His strife.
What a special moment for a Mom & Dad
And what special kids, a girl & a lad.
Then we were rushed out of her room & were told to "believe"
So Santa would visit and hopefully leave
Presents and goodies for all of us four
We left Santa's Magic Key, hanging on the door.
So now all gifts are wrapped, cookies are eaten
Daddy's watching Pawn Stars & Mommy's almost sleepin'.
What a wonderful day in the Lowry house,
now all must sleep, yes, even Rosetta the Mouse.
So, all of our loved ones in the morning will call
to wish Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fighting the urge

Sometimes on my blog I want to blog about pretty specific stuff but I don't feel like I can.  I realize this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want. However, at the same time, I want to remember it's not so much a public forum for me to vent when something irritates me or when things aren't "fair" (you know I'm a just kind of girl).  Sometimes I have to fight that.  I'll read stuff that annoys me on twitter or facebook or have a situation and want to march into my computer and BLOG my little heart out. I have a friend, Wonder Woman, who works with social media stuff. A few months ago we were talking and conflict came up...not a specific conflict, literally the issue of conflict and how now, younger people (and maybe some older too) don't know how to deal with confrontation or conflict.  They blog about it or tweet about it or send a scathing email and that is how they deal with conflict and confrontation.  Um, that is SUPER unhealthy.  It reminds me of a story from a basketball coach in college (I didn't play-as if you wondered but I was friends with her).  She told about she was in a game and this girl fouled her hard from behind and she wanted to think of something mean and ugly to say but all that came out was, "TRIP ME TO MY FACE!"  That's kind of what I think about online conflict resolution.  Don't hide behind a computer, trip me to my face!  Say it to my face so that I can hear your tone and see your emotion and then I can respond and you can see my reaction.  Why hide behind nasty words or ugly digs?  When you do that, you are trying to control and you say things stronger and meaner than you most likely would if you were having a conversation.  And, really, when you confront someone, it should be out of love and trying to make a relationship better, not trying to beat someone down.  I kind of got off topic...I didn't receive an email or a nasty tweet or anything like that. I honestly read some face book updates from people that I haven't seen in forever and I get irritated. I don't even know why.  It doesn't affect me, it doesn't change me, it doesn't have one thing to do with me. I compare to myself and I get frustrated that I don't have the opportunity or the means or the situation that they have and I surely would not handle myself the way they did, yada yada yada.  It's easy to sit in a place of judgement, easy but wrong.  So, I guess I'm slapping myself on the hand through this blog.  I want to fight the urge to blog out of selfish, jealousy.  I don't have to fix others or make them feel stupid or make myself look better through some blog that they will not ever read.  I will say to you, my readers:)  When it comes to sending a nasty email or tweeting an ugly dig at someone, DON'T...trip them to their face and deal with it in a way that might actually strengthen the relationship not abolish it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Recap-

Wow so let me recap today!!  What a GREAT day it was:)  So, this morning, Levi rocked it, if you weren't there you can go to to watch it.  He talked about Plan A versus Plan B and going to for Plan A because that's the one where WE have the plans laid out and WE have it figured  out as opposed to taking Plan B when you know that's the one that God is saying, "Do this, let Me be enough even if it's not what you think is the best option."  Levi told a little of our story.  I was a little waterworks...I don't think back often enough to what God has done for us.  The path that He has carved for us.  The way HE has provided for us and continues to do so.  I need to remember and be thankful.  As I'm hearing Levi preach, I'm sitting next to 2 incredible women.  These two women were from the playgroup that I joined when we first moved here because I knew NOONE with kids...LITERALLY!!  I made some of the best friends there and am so thankful for them.  It just hit me sitting there that God continues to take care of me.

Levi also shared the stories of some of our Catalyst peeps and called them by name and reminded them (and us) how God has taken care of them too. It was very powerful.  I love that Levi is obedient and I love to hear him preach.  God uses him and it is incredible to be a part of that.  I love my husband!!

The kids went to a birthday party this afternoon (thanks Whit & Ash & Justin!!).  Levi and I had a free afternoon. We enjoyed a great lunch with the Moriarty's & Sprangs.  Levi went to a wedding (that I would have loved to gone to) and I stayed home and finished getting ready for our Open House.  We had almost 60 people in our home tonight.  Pam & Meagan helped me SOOOO much and it was so fun. I love people and I love the people of Catalyst. There is a strange feeling of comfort and casual-ty when I'm with them. I feel like I can be me and they are them.  I love that.  I'm blessed with so many great people and I'm so thankful.  We had a great time eating and talking with all of them.

I try not to "plug" Catalyst but if you're in the Dallas area and you just need to feel loved and accepted, try us out.  We are a crazy, fun, and loving bunch of peeps.  Levi was talking to a couple tonight and he said something similar.  He said, "The feeling of "comfort" that is Catalyst is not our doing, we couldn't do that or plan that, it is the people of Catalyst."  That is so true and again, I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Hey!!  I've had a super weird week in a lot of ways. It has been very hectic and the weekend will continue that way as well...thus the season right?!  I'm trying to remember the reason for the season not to be cliche'.  I'm trying to savor the joys and traditions and memories that are Christmas for me.  I love this time of year.  I also try to think about Jesus' birth and what that meant for God to send Him and for us to receive Him.  When we were growing up, my Dad used to do some reflective activities. One time at Christmas, he had each of us pick a player in the birth of Jesus and tell the story from our perspective (you know, a wiseman, shepherd, angel, sheep, cow, Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc).  It was probably really funny to hear us tell it but it definitely got us thinking.  I've had a lot of empathy and compassion for Mary since becoming a mother myself.  What a courageous girl.  Kind of weird to think about her maturity at her age.

This week has been busy and lots going on.  MeaMea came over today with Baby J and helped get ready for our open house this weekend.  We're opening our home to our church family and friends to drop in.  I'm looking forward to it. She came over and helped. It was good to catch up and love on that baby...he's so sweet!!!  This evening I've been cleaning and getting the house ready.  I'm feeling a lot better although I did have another weird episode in the middle of the night Wednesday.  Hopefully all is well now....strange:)

Anyway, not a whole lot to say but wanted to catch up.  Hopefully you're doing well.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not a fan

of dealing with companies when things don't go well.  This weekend was crazy for me...I got sick on Sunday and I was down for the count. It was actually comical and embarrassing all at the same time. I literally had to run away from a friend mid conversation because I was gagging...gross I know sorry for the TMI. Anyway, I was out for a couple of days but now I'm back. Today I woke up feeling much better.

Back to the title of this post.  My Sprint phone has been acting weird. I was dreading taking it in because they last time it took them forever and I had to leave it.  I just don't have time for that..ha!  So, I finally bit the bullet and took it in yesterday.  First of all, the model of phone I have has common issues (whatever the heck that means) and they've discontinued it.  So, the lady tells me if it has to be replaced, I can give them $35 and they'll give me one on spot or I can send it to Sprint and it will be free.  I proceed to tell her that my phone will not update, it is slow, will freeze, etc.  BTW, keep in mind, I was not at my best but neither was she.  Other customers come in and she is super friendly. It was quite weird for me.  I was/am on some pretty strong meds but I definitely didn't imagine it all.

So, she tells me it will be 20 minutes for them to "fix" it.  I go across to Walmart and randomly, I notice a sprint employee walk past me...don't know why I even noticed that. So, after about 40 minutes or more, I go back.  She now tells me that I can send it but they can't guarantee that sprint will replace.  She said it will be free IF they approve it.  What is to approve?  If the phone has issues and is not working why wouldn't what I said back probably that was not a good day people.  So she tells me that that is what she's authorized to say...oh my gosh...get me out of here.  So, I thank her and ask if I can talk to a manager to get some clarity.  She says he's not here but I can talk to a tech.  I'd rather speak to a manager. So, she gives me his card and then she says, "and my name is ..." So I could include it in my conversation... Oh no she didn't!!  What in the world kind of customer service is that?!!

I walk out the door and dial the manager's number only to find out that now my phone has no service at all and will not make a call.  I march back in and let her know that now it will do nothing.  So, I wait another 20 or more minutes and listen to that employee and her coworker talk about whether or not they were going to Christmas party.  Finally the tech comes out, who is very kind and tells me I had a lot of apps running and it seems to be working fine, etc etc etc.  So, I say, "So, does it need to be replaced?"  NO, he says, it just needed to be cleaned. HOLY COW!!!  Who the heck checked my phone then?  Did the tech even ever look at my phone to begin with because guess what, he was the guy in Walmart that I saw.  Oh my lands.  So, she was going to get my phone replaced when all he had to do was clean it or something....craziness!!

So Sprint...I love your affordable plans that include all the bells & whistles but I am NOT a fan of the customer service I received in my local sprint store.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being a Mom Rocks!!

So today I had a couple of FABULOUS mom moments that I don't want to forget.  A's teacher does "Elf on the Shelf," with them.  The kids love it and everyday they rush in and try to figure out where Little Red is hiding.  K and I went to her room one day and he saw the elf and said we should get one. So, HELLO!!!  I don't need to be told twice. I found a GREAT deal on Barnes & and ordered I mean we asked Santa to send us our very own "Elf on the Shelf."  Well he came today.  I was so excited.  We ripped open the package and read the book immediately.  K ran down the hall before we were even done.  A asked him, "You better come back here. You don't want the elf to tell Santa on you do you?"  He stopped and put his hands on his hips and said, "But A, I'm scared."  When Daddy came home they about bumrushed (is that a word?) him to tell him about our elf that we named, "Elvey!"  So Daddy read the story again (with only A because K again ran away).  So, we had some chickfila coupons and decided to go out to eat (meaning, I didn't lay out anything for dinner).  We talked a little about the elf and how he'd be in the box when we got home. Well, when we got home, we noticed that the living room lights were on.  Panic nearly ensued in our home.  We rushed to the box and opened it to find that Elvey was NO WHERE to be found.  Immediately, A buried her head in my sweatshirt and asked me to hold her.  K followed her lead and ran over to Daddy.  We decided to look for it...when I say we, I mean Mommy & Daddy because all 4 eyeballs of our children were seriously HIDDEN.  K put his head right in front of Levi's and would not look away. It was hysterical.  We couldn't quit laughing and could smack ourselves for not getting out the video camera.  A was shaking and wouldn't look either.  K spotted him but would not admit it.  Needless to say, the elf was not a huge hit tonight.  As we were tucking the kids in bed, K looked at me and said, "Mommy, I think we should send the elf back to Santa.  He's freaking me out."  Poor baby!!  And A barricaded herself under her covers and kept asking, "Are you sure he's not going to come back here? You know he moves."  Hopefully this will not backfire and we find all of us in the same bed tonight because they're having elf nightmares.

Second Magnificent Mommy Moment (that first one was just funny) happened this afternoon after Elf on the Shelf came.  My friend, Xuan, sent me a link to the Portable North Pole TV. I did this last year and it was fun but never could I have anticipated A's reaction.  I uploaded a few pics of her.  You click on the button for what they have done well and what you'd like them to work on. You put one gift they're getting, etc etc etc.  It's detailed and oh so cute.  So, I yell down the hall, "Oh my goodness, Santa just sent me an email for A and K."  They come running in and we play A's first.  Santa talks about how good she's been and what a great year she's had.  He tells her how much she helped her soccer team (while a pic of her in her uniform comes up).  He tells her what a big day her first day of kindergarten was (again while a pic comes  up).   As all of this is playing, I'm watching her.  She has the most GINORMOUS grin on her face. She is answering him and talking like he can see and hear her.  All of a sudden, I notice she has tears forming in her eyes.  Levi and I both stop and look at her.  I asked her if they were happy tears and she nodded wiping them away.  So of course, here go Levi and I wiping our tears.  It was so magical for all of us.  When Santa finished asking her about the toy she wanted, he told her to be good, kind, and generous (which I thought was wonderful). He said goodbye and the video ended.  She couldn't help herself and just began crying.  Levi asked her what was wrong and she said, through many tears, " I want Santa. I'm just so happy!"  What a great moment!!  I love that girl and how tender and innocent she is. I hope she stays that way forever!!  It was K's turn and he was super excited but not nearly as emotional.  I'm not sure he fully grasps the magic of that year he will:)

What a great day!! I love being a mom!!  My kids ROCK!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Had to share before I forget.  K has been telling me (ever since our race back in November), "Mommy, I missded you when you went to Ms. April's race."  Seriously, he'll tell me 2 or 3 times a day, since mid November.  I guess me being gone for that 24 hour period has really impacted him...poor baby.

And tonight, we were listening to a song called "Not Going to Leave Us Here." A couple sings it and the girl was singing her part and saying, "He's not going to leave us here..."  I turned around and said, "That is what God says to us." And without missing a beat, she says, "Is that what God's voice sounds like?"  Too cute!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

24 photo cards for $2.49

Just scored another great deal thanks to Deal Seeking Mom.  You can see the deal there but it's basically for new customers.  You order 24 photo cards and pay $2.49 shipping.  Wowser...they're going to be CUTE!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

FREE Music!!!

I am a lover of Christmas music!!  I do like the nontraditional:)  If you hop over to Target, you can score 14 free mp3 of their Christmas music that they in their commercials. It's fun music!!

And you can score 25 more songs on Amazon.  Amazon only does 1 a day for 25 days but if you missed yesterday, you can upload it today.