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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Recap-

Wow so let me recap today!!  What a GREAT day it was:)  So, this morning, Levi rocked it, if you weren't there you can go to to watch it.  He talked about Plan A versus Plan B and going to for Plan A because that's the one where WE have the plans laid out and WE have it figured  out as opposed to taking Plan B when you know that's the one that God is saying, "Do this, let Me be enough even if it's not what you think is the best option."  Levi told a little of our story.  I was a little waterworks...I don't think back often enough to what God has done for us.  The path that He has carved for us.  The way HE has provided for us and continues to do so.  I need to remember and be thankful.  As I'm hearing Levi preach, I'm sitting next to 2 incredible women.  These two women were from the playgroup that I joined when we first moved here because I knew NOONE with kids...LITERALLY!!  I made some of the best friends there and am so thankful for them.  It just hit me sitting there that God continues to take care of me.

Levi also shared the stories of some of our Catalyst peeps and called them by name and reminded them (and us) how God has taken care of them too. It was very powerful.  I love that Levi is obedient and I love to hear him preach.  God uses him and it is incredible to be a part of that.  I love my husband!!

The kids went to a birthday party this afternoon (thanks Whit & Ash & Justin!!).  Levi and I had a free afternoon. We enjoyed a great lunch with the Moriarty's & Sprangs.  Levi went to a wedding (that I would have loved to gone to) and I stayed home and finished getting ready for our Open House.  We had almost 60 people in our home tonight.  Pam & Meagan helped me SOOOO much and it was so fun. I love people and I love the people of Catalyst. There is a strange feeling of comfort and casual-ty when I'm with them. I feel like I can be me and they are them.  I love that.  I'm blessed with so many great people and I'm so thankful.  We had a great time eating and talking with all of them.

I try not to "plug" Catalyst but if you're in the Dallas area and you just need to feel loved and accepted, try us out.  We are a crazy, fun, and loving bunch of peeps.  Levi was talking to a couple tonight and he said something similar.  He said, "The feeling of "comfort" that is Catalyst is not our doing, we couldn't do that or plan that, it is the people of Catalyst."  That is so true and again, I LOVE IT!!!

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful report and to God be the glory.