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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just scored some super cheap toilet paper.  I paid $16.18 for 5 24 packs of toilet paper, that's 120 rolls.  Breaks down to $3.39 for a 24 packs....crazy!!!
  • So go to Staples website. (If you're a member of the shop at home website, you can get cash back.)
  • Click on the deals of the day.  Click on that, Marcel Bath Tissue 24 pack for $4.99.  
  • Add that to your cart.
  • Then, go to the top of the screen and click "order by item #." 
  • Enter 593805-V6.  
  • Add 1 to your cart (you can adjust the quantity to whatever you want).  
  • You can order 1 and it's $9.95 shipping or free shipping if you pick it up at a Staples Store.  
  • OR, if you order 5 or more, there is free shipping.  
  • I ordered 5 so it was $54.95- $40.00 + FREE SHIPPING + $1.23 for tax. 
  • So, for $16.18, I scored 120 rolls of TP.  
  • Woooohoo!

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