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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Awesome God

I am constantly amazed at how awesome God is. A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and a college friend started chatting with me. I told her all about Catalyst and how God was working things out so beautifully. She happens to be a children's pastor in California. She's awesome at what she does. She was asking me a lot about Catalyst and how we were doing things. She then offered to send me a bunch of kid's curriculum that her church used. Well, I got the package today. Now, let me rewind to another "chat" I had with Jeremy Self who is planting a church in Austin, Texas. He told me that he found a kid's dvd curriculum that they loved, it's called KID-MO. I looked into it and it's pretty expensive. So, we were going to contact Jeremy (which we still may do at some point) about "renting" or "buying" it from them when they were done. Now fast foward to today when the package that my California friend sent. I opened it and she had written me a letter expaining what she sent and how she used the materials. About half way down, she writes, "I'm also sending one series of KID-MO curriculum. This stuff is pricey, so if you like it, let me know. We own about 3 more and I'd hate for you to spend the money..." I just laughed out loud because I realize how good God is and how He provides in perfect timing and in perfect ways. Is that not cool??? I mean, I realize it's not a huge deal but it helps us out so much. Toni didn't even know how God was going to use her to bless us. I think that's so awesome.

At District Assembly this week, I was talking with a friend, Shari. I was telling her about some neat things that have happened to us. We were given a very generous "vacation" gift for next January. When I was telling her, she looked at me and said, "It's so cool because God isn't just telling you He's going to take care of you, He's going over and above and blessing you with this." It was so neat to realize that we not only have our needs met but He takes it one step further sometimes.

On a totally different topic, last year when we moved here, I was looking into some part time employment and I ended up tutoring online which is great and it's pretty good money for tutoring in my pajamas. I contacted a school in Lucas, Texas about a part time teaching position. Well, the position was fill before I sent my application but not before my references sent their references in. A year has passed and I haven't thought much about that. At District Assembly, a lady approached me who works at Lucas Academy. Well, we have a mutual friend and that's how I heard about Lucas Academy in the first place. She came up and out of the blue asked if I was interested in a part time position there. I would have office hours two days a week and be the accreditation coordinator. Any of you teachers know what a crazy ordeal accreditation is but I feel like with my background and my master's I could do this. I've been emailing the HR person this weekend. I don't know if it will pan out. We have salary issues and childcare issues to work out. I can't help to think that God is reminding me that He is in control and how in the world did that lady who didn't know me from Adam approach us to ask me about a job?? Isn't that crazy.

I've been watching Dr. Phil. I know that sounds so funny but I really like him. He had a show on this past week...I TIVO it and then watch it fast. Bishop T.D. Jakes was on with him and they were talking about repositioning your life. And how you have to take action steps to get out of repeating behaviors that you don't want to repeat. Dr. Phil talked about (on another show I think but they connect well) how his motto is "Pray to God and Row to Shore." His point was that we have to work and that God gave us the oars so row, don't just pray, put action behind it. They had Christian guests who were hiding behind scriptures and misusing the Bible to excuse their behavior, whether it was not working or worse. I heard both of these guests use the phrase "God's will." They used it in different contexts but one man said, "Well if it doesn't work out it's not God's will," in response to him not getting a steady job and providing for his 7 kids. It just bugged me. I've heard other people use that phrase and I don't know if I fully believe that. Sometimes I think it doesn't work out because of choices we make and we have to be accountable for our actions. Sometimes we don't think about how our choices and actions could affect us down the road. And sometimes I think using that line is an excuse for our laziness in not working at something.I guess this whole "God's will" is like there is one path that we should take and that sounds to me more like we're robots. God gave us free will and He gave us choices. We have to pray and trust that we're led by God's spirit in the choices and decisions we make. If we mess up or make a bad choice, God is still there cheering us on and loving us but we have to be accountable and accept responsibility for those choices and live the consequences. So now I'm blogging about Dr. Phil.

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