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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm an "A- Doot"

Tonight, I had to spank Addy.....she told me a fib and then she continued to go down hill. Well, she was tired and we had her way too busy this weekend. So tonight during "night night" time, I asked her if there was anything she needed to say she was sorry to God for. We started talking about her fibbing and her attitude. She told me I spanked her and we talked about it and she said, "Yeah, because you're the a-doot." Well, first I thought she was calling me a dope or an idiot. Then it clicked, she was telling me I was the adult. I love night night time. It's our best conversation of the day. We talk about her favorite part of the day, we laugh a lot, we pray and sing. I was glad she wasn't calling me an idiot or a dope, just an adult....maybe that's just as bad somedays:) Just kidding!!!

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