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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

We had a great Fourth of July. Levi started his day by helping the Sprangs load their POD. They had to be out of their apartment this weekend and found a house but I'm not sure when they're closing. It didn't take long, Levi said they did a terrific job packing so it was easy to get them out.

Our friends, Juan & Xuan (I know funny) invited us over for a cookout for lunch. Juan is a super duper chef at a swanky hotel club in downtown Dallas so anytime they invite us over, we are there. We had an awesome time talking with them. They truly are great friends and we just feel right at home with them.

B-Rad and Shelley invited all of us over for dinner last night. We trucked over there and ate yummy food and had a great time. From there, we went to Firewheel to watch the fireworks. I wanted to see Kool and the Gang but it was too late and too many people. We stayed in the Lowe's parking lot to enjoy the festivities. It was great. I was nervous about Addy and Keegan but they were champs and loved the fireworks. The anticipation got to Addy a little but when they started, she snuggled into B-Rad and had a great time.

We got home and our neighbors were outside so we hung out with them for a bit before heading inside. Levi and I stayed up playing Mario Kart for a little bit. That game is so addicting.

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