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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet the Teacher

We have enrolled Addy in a one day a week preschool. Tonight was "Meet the Teacher." Addy has been super excited all day about meeting her teachers. We took her out to dinner before and she was so excited. When we got out of the van, she wanted to know what bus she was riding. I informed her that she would not be riding a bus and that I would be taking her and picking her up. She also told me not to be sad. We got there and met in the sanctuary for all the directions. She asked why the school had a church room in it. She also thought we might start the meeting by singing:) She's so observant. She went right to her room and was a little shy with her teachers but jumped right in and started playing. Keegan followed her lead and played with all the "big" kids too. She had a great night and wanted to sleep at school. I'm so glad she's independent and ready but I'm still kind of sad. Sad to let go and trust someone else to love my baby....even if it's only one day a week for a few hours. As I was rocking Keegan tonight I prayed that God would watch over my babies, keep them from harm, and let them always love Him first and foremost. I remember when I had Addy the realization of how much love I have for her and thinking about how much God must love us and how it must break His heart when we hurt. Back to the Addy story.....Levi made a deal with her before we left home, he told her she could either go to Popcorn Papa or 7-11 for a slurpee after she went to her school. She wanted a slurpee but I wanted Popcorn Papa so we swung through both and got a mini bag of popcorn and a small slurplee (as Addy calls them). YUMMY!! All in all a good night with the family:)

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Barnes Family said...

aww, that first preschool moment is so hard! The boys went last year to a 2-day a week Mother's Day Out preschool. Although it was hard to let Aidan go, he learned so much! Aidan started all day preschool's been a hard week! Hang in there, she's going to learn alot and get to make friends...and we all know she'll do great!