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Monday, August 18, 2008

Interesting Points

I just read Acts chapter 7. It was really interesting to me for a few different reasons. I don't understand it all first off. That doesn't make it interesting just putting a disclaimer out there. The chapter is basically Stephen speech to the Sanhedrin. Stephen was one of the 7 chosen to handle responsibilities so the Disciples could spread the Word, the scripture describes him as full of faith and the Holy Spirit. The Sanhedrin tried to argue with Stephen and couldn't because he was so wise and full of the Holy Spirit. So, they lied about him. INTERESTING POINT NUMBER 1- why do christians lie, especially about one another??? Well, this chapter is Stephen speaking to them and addressing their lies. He basically nails them, they get REALLY angry and end up stoning him to death. He goes back and talks about the history of Abraham, Moses, and Joseph. I know all those stories from the Bible but it was cool to see them intertwined and how God was with each of those men. They were normal men and they screwed up, they had little faith at times. It made me think about our journey and how we've doubted. I think about us like the Israelites who saw miracles and yet had doubt. I so don't want to be that person. I want to have faith in the midst of the storm and trials and tribulations. Stephen could care less what lies they were telling. He could care less that he was going to be killed. He looked up to heaven and saw Jesus. The cool thing is that he says as they're beginning to stone him, "Lord, do not hold this sin against them." INTERESTING POINT NUMBER 2...that would be speaking to me. I have a hard time forgetting and letting go. I want to be like Stephen in the midst of enduring pain, asking God to forgive. That is God's spirit and heart right there. I want that. It says that as he was saying that, he fell asleep. INTERESTING POINT NUMBER 3 God always takes care of us. It might not be the way we want or think it should be, but He always does. He is faithful and loving and good even when life sucks.

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