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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We took our friend, Emily, to Peter Piper Pizza with us. We all had fun. It was neat to have a friend for Addy to play with. Poor girl, Keegan terrorizes her more than anything else so it's nice to have a break. Emily and Addy played great together. We'll have to definitely do it again:)

Monday night we had the Horting Family. We ate together and had the best time with them. They have a large family and are so much fun. It really felt like family. We shared stories and there was just a strange feeling of unity and like we'd been friends forever. It was really cool. I don't mean strange was good:)

Tuesday I had a job interview at Eastfield Community College. I was nervous...I hate interviews. I got the job....the funny part, there is not job to be gotten. Weird, I know. They have to wait until the classes fill up before they have a position. I've got my staff photo ID and I went to the HR department and filled out all my paperwork. Hopefully, I'll get one or two classes in the fall. They are coop classes with homeschoolers and with state test prep. There's a variety of different things I could teach, it just depends on if the classes fill up. I hope they do, I think I'd like it. It was a different environment than I've ever taught in. They do have a pre-ed department, I would love to teach beginning teachers. I don't think I can unless I get a doctorare, they're evaluating my transcripts to see.

We finally got our van back yesterday after 10 weeks....crazy I know. At least for the last 5 weeks we had a loaner car. It was a mess. I'm glad to be done with all that and have our vehicle back.

Today, I started back at the had been like 3 weeks...I know that's awful. It felt really good to get back into it.

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