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Friday, August 15, 2008

Levi's Birthday

Well, Levi is a year older as of yesterday. We had a great day. He worked a lot for his birthday but I think he felt like a lot was accomplished. He cleaned out the garage and it looks so good. We enjoyed the day as a family (at Chic-fil-a & Walmart). I know funny right!! My friend Xuan offered to keep our kids so we could go out to dinner. Well, then she called and her husband offered us a meal at The Crescent Club. It was awesome. We felt like hoddy toddy's up there. The meal was delicous. I had grilled sea scallopo on sweet potato risotto, blue crab and sweet corn bisque, ribeye steak, and a coconut panna cotta with rum raisins. Everything was great. It was a great way to celebrate Levi's birthday. The club is on the 17th floor and they sat us right on the window. It was beautiful. Juan was such a gracious chef. He came out to check on us and gave us the grand tour. Poor Xuan was left with all the hoodlems...sorry girl. Paybacks are Monday so we'll see what I blog then:) Just kidding. I was going to surprise Levi with a tandem skydive but I couldn't get him an appointment. We'll see if he uses his money for that or holds off.

I didn't read any in Acts yesterday and today I tried to read but it was kind of rushed. I will read tomorrow and blog.

Tonight, our worship band, Fusion, played at Revivalution which is a Dallas District youth thing. It was very cool. It was a lot of fun to feel like a real band. Teens are always so expressive and fun too. We had a great time.

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