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Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Monday

It's 3:15 and no AC call about an early cancellation so I wait. It's hot. I'm ready for a cool house. The problem is when the AC guy comes, I can just hear it, "Well ma'am, the problem is yada yada yada (air conditioner talk) and we have to order the part and it won't be here until...." Holy COW!!! Are you kidding me!!! Let's pray it's a quick fix and they'll have the magical part in their truck.

We had a great Sunday yesterday. Keegan did not wake up until 11am..yes, that's right. I couldn't believe it either. He must be having a growth spurt and need the sleep. So, he did MUCH better in the nursery at church...thanks Shelley. I'm so glad my kids love ya!! We ate dinner last night with a new family and they are SOOO cool!! We had so much fun with them, we felt so comfortable. It was great! I am starting to feel complete here and like things are coming together. It's awesome! I came home and put the kids to bed, listed a few things on EBAY and played Mario Kart. It was fun and relaxing!

Now back to being HOT!!!

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rachel larkin said...

I just played Mariokart recently, it's so much fun! Glad to hear you're finally feeling complete where you are at these days, take the time to enjoy these times in life.