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Friday, May 23, 2008

Allie the Dog

Okay so I just read Levi's blog from today about me and the dog. Well, there was a white miniature schnauzer. I emailed about it last week and figured it was gone. Well, the owner contacted me today to tell me she wasn't gone. So, the kids and I drove over to see her. The owners sounded really nice on the phone and like they had taken great care of her. Sidenote, yesterday we went to the pound just to "look." They had a couple of schnauzer mixes and we just wanted to see. Well, I almost busted out crying at the made me so sad. I had decided to just let the dog thing die for a while. That is until I talked to this lady today. I walk into this house which was pretty cluttered and messy. I look at "Allie." She had mats of hair all over her body. She had the sweetest little face but she was so skinny. It made me so sad. I knew I had to take her even if we didn't keep her. I asked the guy about house training...yes she is. I asked about he's NEVER seen her scratch. I asked about walking on a leash...she does okay. So, we get her home and shave her down because she is that matted, her tail looked 3 or 4 inches longer because it had matted hair on it...schnauzers have nub tails. How do you have an inside dog or outside dog for that matter that is so matted she has sores underneath? How do you let a dog get that way? Why wouldn't you just surrender her to the pound? I found myself getting angry and sad all over as we were bathing her. She had fleas all over her. Our neighbor Robin, came over and helped us shave and clean her. Becker didn't have a dang clue what was happening but didn't like it at all. She does appear to be house broken and does okay on a leash...she pulls a little. She looks a little more like a white rat right now but she's a sweety. Addy tried to get her to let her hold her tonight but all she wanted was kind of made me feel good that I saved her little life.

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