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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a great 3rd Mother's Day!! I woke up to flowers and breakfast in bed. Levi got doughnuts and pigs in a blanket. They're not called pigs in a blanket in Texas but that's what they are. They are yumolicous!! Addy brought me the gift that she and Keegan made. It was a ceramic tile of their handprints. It was very precious and I will cherish it! She was so proud. Levi got me a massage...boy will I enjoy every second of that! We had a great day at church. It is so refreshing to go to church and see all the happy faces. I look forward to it every week and I am so thankful that I do. I don't want it to be so routine that it's monotonous. Our church is very different and you never know what kind of music you're going to hear...maybe some U2, maybe some Bob Dylan, maybe some Madonna (okay I just threw that one in to throw you off)! It's awesome and I am truly enjoying it. We went to lunch, it was really dinner. I still can't get it right calling it dinner since church is usually in the morning, our's is at 2pm...yeah crazy I know. Try doing it with's NUTS!! Anyway, we have become friends with the two adult kids and their spouses and one of the spouses sister and husband. So, we went out to dinner with those 3 couples, their parents, and the Sprangs. It was great. We had an awesome time and topped it off with Braum's ice cream, again yumolicous! I'm amazed at how kind people are and how gracious. I am trying to be grateful and thankful and notice God in each of these people. Not just with that crowd, but with our church as a whole, their generosity and selflessness astounds me. You know I talked about the family this week that lost their house in a fire. Our church, of like 50 raised almost $1,000 for them in less than a week..isn't that cool! I'm amazed and astounded and I'm so thankful. We're still waiting on that offer on our house. I'm bummed about that but can't be for too long because I continue to see God's hand of provision over us and am thankful for the opportunity to trust and wait on Him. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was ROCKING!!

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