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Monday, May 12, 2008

House Again

Okay so our counter offer was accepted and we're supposedly moving closer to not being the proud owners of two houses. We are going to close May 30th....that's what we're shooting for. Both sides want to have this deal sealed as soon as possible. We began faxing today and we'll have to overnight back and forth to get this accomplished. Yeehaw!!

On a crazy note, we realized that our house loan here was somewhat messed up which leaves us in the hole but not like owing on two houses in the hole. I guess that's life. I'm glad we caught the mistake, we might be able to fix it with the mortgage company and attorney but I kind of doubt it.

It kind of stinks that we should be able to celebrate (which we are going to do) but then find this other bum deal...oh well...we're still celebrating.

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