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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, for the past two days at the gym I've been listening to Rob Bell & his worship pastor teach on "Why We Sing." It was awesome. Some things stuck out to was this. I didn't catch the reference, but the quote was something like this, "I don't love God, I don't want to love God but I want to want to love God." They changed God to singing. They said singing in a group at church is weird and they talked about how people vary on how they feel about corporate singing. I thought that was interesting. I love to sing and I love to hear people singing but I've also grown up singing. It was just what we did and I was okay at it so it just seemed the norm. It opened my eyes to people that haven't and that come to church and are asked to sing. It made me more understanding of those that aren't big singers.

One of the other things that stood out to me was that the worship pastor said that when the band gets together to practice on Thursday nights there is ALWAYS something missing. And then he said, "It's you." We are not complete until they play on Sundays and they have the audience singing and filling the hole. He said otherwise, we're just a good band and we're playing a good show. It's not worship until the worshippers get there to add their part. I thought that was really cool. It's easy to get full of yourself and into "your" talent.

There were a couple of other great points that I wanted to remember. I'm going to have to listen to it again. If you're in a rut with your singing, check it out here, it's "Why We Sing" from 7/26/09. It's a great reminder and encouragement.

I hope this makes sense. I sat down twice to finish it. I did it while I was thinking about it which is sometimes dangerous. Things are going really well right now. We started the first youth C Group this week and we're also hosting an adult C group at our house. It was tonight and we had one other couple. We know of at least 3 more peeps that couldn't come tonight. It was really good to be able to sit down and talk with this couple one on one. I love getting to know's like cocaine or something....okay I am tired, good night:)

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