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Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Night

So we try to do family night once a week. Sometimes it's cheesy and a last minute plan and other times it's well thought out. Tonight was off the fly. We had a gift certificate to a restaurant. It was on the lake and we sat outside on the patio. It was the perfect evening. We had a great time at dinner & decided to tour the Bass Pro Shop too. The kids had so much fun there. They loved all of it. In fact, A didn't want to leave, which totally shocked me. She said, "This is wonderful, it is so much fun please don't make us leave." We'll definitely be heading back there. We didn't buy one thing but had a lot of fun looking at all the animals, boats, etc. I even had fun with The Bear!!


Ashlie Seabolt said...

That is one of our favorite places to go! The food is good & before we eat the kids go explore the store & afterward they get to play in the sand by the water. It's such a cool place! BTW - love the picture!

HeatherLow said...

oooh, sand by the water?? We went to Primos last Friday and then went and played at Bass Pro, we had so much fun!!