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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poor Baby

I stayed home from church (and everywhere else) today because both kids were/are coughing and snotty. They woke up and I thought they were fine. Keegan almost immediately started clinging. He literally fell asleep in my arms which he never does. I felt so bad for him. He took 2 naps today which he hasn't done in forever. He was running a temperature which broke tonight and I hope it stays gone. I'm going to take them to the doctor tomorrow to try to get something to knock this out. I feel bad for both of them coughing and just not feeling good. Even when Keegan was awake, he just laid (is that the right spelling or would it be layed?) on me, definitely NOT a Keegan thing to do. Finally tonight he started acting a little more like himself. I hope tomorrow they both wake up feeling great.

The Russells and Sprangs came over after lunch and brought me some sushi (which was yummy, thank you). We had fun just talking with them and catching up. I've really missed our friends here and am anxious to reconnect with everybody.

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