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Monday, April 28, 2008


Okay this blog post is dedicated to my playgroup. When we moved here, it was VERY hard for me. I guess if I'm honest, I was in a major funk. I think I was mad at our situation, mad at Levi, and probably mad at God. As much as I knew in my hard of hearts that we were supposed to make this move, I didn't want to. I didn't want to leave the people from our old church, they LOVED Addy. I mean more than loved her. They would call us out of the blue and ask to babysit...who does that?? It meant so much to me that people loved her. Then, Keegan came along and I had a 2 year old and a newborn. We found out we were moving CROSS COUNTRY further from our families. Again, anger, resentment, etc. So we move here and I literally have no one. I knew I had to reach out or I would drown, quite literally. Levi was going through his own transitional blues so although we were partners in misery, we didn't seem to be helping each other. I found the website I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to meet other people with like interests. I searched for some local stay at home mom groups.

So, I joined the group and immediately made my friend Xuan. Sidenote, I go out with the kids on Sundays but Levi shared some of what the sermon was about and asked for people to tell a time in their lives when a friend came along side them at a pivotal point. Well, Xuan immediately came to mind. Xuan moved to Dallas about a month before me. She knew NOONE in Dallas, story sound familiar? That's what I thought, it was way too coincidental to be coincidence. We became great buddies and still are. She actually attends Catalyst. I feel like God put Xuan right in my path. There are LOTS of great moms and kids that we have become friends with. Another is Sheila. Sheila again moved to Dallas a few months before us. Her husband is in seminary in the doctorate program. Sheila and her husband were youth pastors and had been involved in church plants....coincidence, I think not! Sheila was always super friendly but we've gotten closer in the past few weeks. Sheila is 26 weeks pregnant and has been hospitalized for the duration of her pregnancy. She also has a daughter. Can you imagine being away from your child for over 15 weeks? Only visiting once a day and having to say goodbye. Can you imagine the trauma on you and your child not understanding why you can't come home? I feel like again, God has put these women in my path for me to learn from and I am so thankful for that. It's like so many of us are transplants (I almost said implants....totally different blog right ?). We're all walking similar paths in life and can go through this stuff together.

Along with loving the women in this group, I love our playdates. They are always so creative and fun. Today we had a free playdate at the Little Gym. The owners go to the church plant in Rockwall that we attended before we went weekly. It was so fun to watch the kids play and jump and bounce and swing. Addy and Keegan both had a blast.

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rachel larkin said...

sounds awesome! God is so wonderful, He always delivers and in ways we could never imagine! Good luck as you will begin to build even more relationships in the future!