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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blessings & Butterflies

We got butterflies Friday and have been watching them all weekend. It has been the coolest thing EVER...thank you Cindy!!! We thought only 5 would make it because they all came out within an hour of each other. Addy kept looking at the last little cocoon and saying, "I don't think her's going to make it." Well, her made it, a day later than the others. We let the first 5 go today and tried to let that last one go but she wasn't quite ready. I know that probably sounds silly but we've grown quite attached. We thought we'd give her another day. She's been "clapping" around like crazy in there. When Addy saw the butterflies flapping their wings she said, "Look, they're clapping for me." It was cute.

We had another awesome day at church today. God is really amazing us with what He can's almost sad that we have such little faith. Mine is definitely growing and I'm learning to trust Him and know that His word really is true and how thankful I am. We were missing a lot of our regulars, probably 15 or so and we still have almost 50. How cool is this?! I didn't think I'd say that. This has been such a hard road and I know it's not over by any means but it's so cool to see new faces and then to see those faces come back. We have some of the nicest people. I'm really enjoying meeting the kids kind of makes me miss teaching or at least the interaction with the kids. I'm really proud of Levi. Although I've only heard one of his sermons live in the last 6 months, he's doing a great job preaching and just orchestrating everything. My heart is full today as I reflect on what God has done. We were kind of stressing about finding nursery workers and I'm checked to have more faith and know that God will provide. We're hoping we grow so that we have volunteers who can staff those areas...I'm anxiously awaiting to see what God does...He always does it at just the right time.

My friend Jenn Wyatt Neely has been here this weekend. She's such a wonderful friend. She's loved on my kids and vice versa. It's been so much fun. She's one of those friends that you just pick up with like you never missed a beat. When I'm with her, I still feel like I'm 21 and crazy. She's a ton of fun! It's good to have friends like that. By the way to all my YO YO MAMA's out there....we were scheming about our next reunion.

We're off to Florida this week and I can't wait. I packed our suitcases tonight. Say a prayer for Levi, he'll be here and it's always hard to be the one left especially without the kiddos. However, he'll have peace and quiet to get some other things accomplished...which is always nice.


{deflated notions} said...

hi girl! :) miss ya... love ya...

{deflated notions} said...

also... we were in florida the same time you were... when did you go to disney??? we were there :) LOVE YOU!