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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding & Old Friends

Tonight Jonathan & Meagan watched the kiddos so we could go to Bryan Neal's wedding. Bryan is a long time childhood friend of Levi's. He lives in Tyler which is a couple of hours away. The funny part is that Levi hooked Bryan up with some other friends who lived in Tyler about 8 or so years ago. They were in business together and Bryan has just really flourished there. He got married tonight so we went to the wedding. It was lovely. They were beautiful and it was just fun to be with old friends, even though they weren't mine. It was fun to hear stories on Levi. He had two groups of friends there, some from Atlanta from when Levi was a kid and then some of his college, soccer buddies who moved to Tyler after college. We got to visit with both sets and had a great time. Why we haven't hooked up with these people before now is a mystery. We are definitely going to make the effort to reconnect and stay connected. They are great people and we had a lot of fun. To finish the night off we visited with Jonathan and Meagan. We're so grateful for them. It's been a few since weeks since we've just caught up so it was good just to get to talk. Levi and I were talking tonight on our drive home about how precious our time together minus kids is. We have got to commit to more date nights. So....Thank you Thank you Thank you to Jonathan & Meagan. I'm so glad our kids love you and you love our guys are priceless!!!


Anonymous said...

It's so great to keep up with what is going on in your life, even though it's been SO many years and you are so far away! It's really great to see God blessing you, your family and your church! Love ya lots, girl!

Meagan said...

I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with Addy & Keegan too!! - we really did have a ball and it was that much more fun knowing that you and Levi would get to share a good stretch of alone time. Give us a holler - seriously! - when you need another date. We love you guys & are so grateful to have you as not only friends but our family.

Levi said...

you still blogging?

Levi said...

I hate these little word verification deals. It takes me like 5 tries to get one right. And the last time i checked rolsxp was not a word. I guess it wasn't rolsxp, so I will try again. I will try a thrid time.

HeatherLow said...

Lisa...i hear you may be stopping over this way this summer with Marshelle, that'd be AWESOME!!

Meagan, thanks girl.

Levi...seriously now!!