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Sunday, April 3, 2011


We had a great day today.  Really, a great weekend.  I love it when we don't have a whole lot planned and we can just relax.  This afternoon, the kids and I finished Tangled and then we had a no electricity afternoon.  They drew and colored, and just played together. It was really nice!  Levi went biking with was a win win for everyone.

Levi and I just had a conversation about prevenient grace.  It really intrigues me.  Basically it means grace that goes before our human decision.  What that means to me is that God is pursuing me before I know it or before I want it.  I love that.  I'm thankful that He loves me where I am without "cleaning" up.

Love it!!

Okay so this is a random post so while I'm at it...I'll post my menu too:)

Monday:  Levi has a meeting; Malibu Chicken & veggies

Tuesday: Soccer practice:  Lemon & Lager Chicken, corn, & rice

Wednesday: C Group:  Pecan Crusted Chicken, veggies, & orzo

Thursday:  Grilled chicken, corn, green beans

Friday: not sure

I'm trying to do better about eating at home....such a healthier alternative (and cheaper) :)

Have a great week!


April said...

I think you should have chicken on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I love those days! Amazing the peace that falls on the house when "screen time" is over.

And for Friday... I think you should have... chicken!

April said...

I like Amy.