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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I absolutely love vacation...who doesn't right?  Aunt Connie & Uncle Everett graciously invited us up to Utah for our spring break.  We have had an absolutely fabulous time.  It has been great to enjoy Levi and the kids as well as Connie & Everett.  They spoil us and it is so very fun!  And the scenery here...oh my gosh!!!  I've seen pictures of this part of the country but have never visited here. WOWSER!! It is crazy.  It's like someone has put a beautiful picture behind everywhere you look.  Remember the Coors beer commercials with the snow capped mountains? That's what we see everywhere we look.  We got out at TJ Maxx the other day and I got so tickled because we get out of the car and look out at these beautiful mountains...pumping gas, same thing.  It's breathtaking!!  So thankful to God for His creation.  It is amazing!!

We've stayed busy shopping, eating, playing!!  This week we're going to go to the zoo, Levi's going to ski, and we're going tubing!  It's been wonderful!!

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Unknown said...

One of my friends in the blog world is Katherine from Katherine's corner and Madie it for you. She lives in Utah and looks out her kitchen window at a lake and snow covered mountain. What a blessing for her and her hubby.