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Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 7, 2011

I didn't forget yesterday's pic of the day..just posting it today.  Last night, the Partain family had us over for dinner.  I love going to people's houses. I love seeing where they live and just enjoying their home...was that a subtle enough hint to invite me over?? Just kidding...kind of.  Anyway, they have a chihuahua that is about a year old, Bella.  Bella is a super smart little dog.  We were so impressed with all of her tricks and I do mean ALL of her tricks, she does lots.  My favorite was "Bang!"  If you look at her and shoot her (with your finger of course) and say, "Bang," she spins around and plays dead.  She'll stay there until you tell her to get was crazy.  And my other favorite was that she prays.  She'll put her head down (and keep it down) and pray. So cute.  So, my pic of the day is of Bella praying.

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Unknown said...

That is such a precious picture. We have one too that will be 2 this month and is the love our our lives and brings us such joy and peace. There's not much like having our precious Rocky asleep in our lap. Have an awesome Sunday.