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Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Improvement

I go through phases of home improvement energy bursts.  Some bursts lead to action, others just burst.  This last week, I had a burst.   In our kitchen, we have high ceilings and so there is room on the cabinets for stuff.  I'm not a collector of anything so I went to Hobby Lobby & Michaels and scoured for clearance and sales items. I did pretty good.  Then, I got the  knack to put a second coat on our fireplace.  Check.  Then, I thought about painting our hallway, and both check yet.

The hallway would be pretty simple.  The bathrooms, just a pain with the cutouts. Not sure I'll do it.  Our bathroom is big. I would love to paint it chocolate brown.  I was thinking about how to decorate. I'm not a big fan of wallpaper BUT, I saw this cute animal print wallpaper.  How cute, especially with the bathtubs.  I don't know how much I wound need, probably too much and I don't know that I want to be up sticking wallpaper. I did find cute bath towels to match. And then I could do my bedroom in an animal theme too. when I strike it big, I'll do a remodel on the bathroom. :)

Anyway, this summer, I've definitely been trying to spruce up the home & garden areas.  I'd love to do more with the backyard but that's a whole different blog entry!!

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Unknown said...

Love your enthusiasm. It's been too hot to do anything but try and stay cool in the A/C. My wife is talking about resurfacing our cabinets which would really help the look of our kitchen. I am thinking it will be a fall job. Don't work too hard. Time to have my tuesday morning breakfast with my sister Linda so catch you later