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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Levi to Ghana

My friend, Andrea emailed me last night and in her message asked about Levi.  I thought I'd update all of you by copying my response to her. 

Levi left this morning. It was really hard for me to say goodbye. It felt different for some reason. I think I'm a little scared for his safety. Some people from church had us come to the church last night and they prayed for him and after they prayed he shared. One of the things he shared was something a missionary friend of ours said when she went to Haiti a few months ago, "If my faith isn't worth dying for, is it really worth living for?" It kind of put things in perspective for me but also freaked me out. This journey has been awesome for us and I am so excited to hear what happens there. He got all of his money and then some. We were fully prepared to have to pay a large portion of the trip out of our pockets. We didn't have too. After the his trip was paid for, some of the funding for the "camp" fun stuff fell through. So, we were able to buy t-shirts, soccer balls, and kick balls for the kids. There are actually 2 orphanages there. One is about an hour from the airport so that's the one that everyone visits. The other is about a 12 hours bus ride up into the jungle/forest, whatever. The kids at that orphanage have only heard of people (white people) coming to play with them and have fun. It's a hard trip to make up there but the 12 that are going are young and can make it. I am excited to see what happens to Levi through this. His heart has definitely been stirred and moved to action through Chris, his friend who founded Mercy Project and organized that kick ball game. It's been pretty crazy.

I'll try to blog more while he's gone and give updates!!

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Unknown said...

I will join you in prayer for the group. I have a special place in my heart for orphanages since I worked with one while on duty in Viet Nam back in the late 80's. It really was rewarding seeing the expressions on their faces with new clothes and decent food to eat. I will never forget them.