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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch Up

Hey!!! I'm trying to blog more...trying is the key word there. Life is good. Levi and I are doing really well together and the kids are doing great. It's so nice to be able to say that. Now, catch me tomorrow and my tune might change:) Our friend Phyllis had surgery on Monday and I think she's doing okay. I know she's in pain but I guess that's to be expected. Granma (who is almost 80) is at home with all the kids. I think she's surviving but I know they're all tired. Meagan and I went over last night and took the three youngest girls (4,1,and 3 months). They are so cute. So, we had 5 kids under was fun. We fed them, took them to the park, and then chilled while eating popcorn and watching a movie. It was a lot of fun (I know I'm crazy). It was kind of weird the way passerbys (is that a word?) would look at us. Meagan and I both pushing double strollers down the street with 2 white kids and 3 black kids and they were all mixed up. I don't mean to be crass but I'm just telling you how it felt. One lady literally eyed each kid and then gave me a weird frowny look. It felt very funny (not in a fun way). I hope I don't ever do that. It was strange. Maybe they were also looking because it was just Meagan and I and they were thinking a lot of other stuff too. And the fact that we had 5 kids under 4 years of age. Regardless it was weird. I think Meagan and I are going to try to do that more often. I know it would give the Penney's a break and let them rest for a few hours. I'm glad Meagan has a servant's heart. It's inspiring:) Love that girl!! Anyway, that's where I am right now. We're having Heather & Emily over for roast tonight and it smells YUMOLICIOUS!!! I'm back on the WW and working out train. I feel good about it. We'll see how weigh in tomorrow night goes. Wish me luck!!

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