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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awful Day Part 2

Okay so this isn't more's just a funny story from yesterday. Okay so I called the Police to report the theft yesterday. The guy that I talked to on the phone says they'll send somebody over. The way it sounded to me, meant like sometime during the day. Let's remember I was out till 3am so I wasn't in a hurry to get cleaned up. BUT, I thought, I've got to get a shower before. So, I fed the kids and hopped in the shower so I would look decent. I get out of the shower and Addy runs in and says, "The Police are here!!" She's kind of freaking out a little. So, I am running around trying to figure out what to put on and should I keep my wet hair in a towel or brush it out. I was SOOO embarrassed. I still had mascara bags under my eyes because I didn't clean it off properly at 3am. I kept thinking to myself how bad this whole story appears. I finally let him in. He comes in, I can't find the keys to the van. I was a wreck. He told me he didn't need the keys, we could just go look. Addy is in the background saying, "Don't take my Daddy to jail." Seriously she said it probably 5 or 6 times before she stopped. I know that officer thought we were all from the looney bin. We're out back and he says, "We can finish inside so you can watch your kids." Oh yeah, I still have kids. I knew they were fine, they were eating. Again, another bad mother strike...oh my!! So, we come in and Addy starts again about Levi going to jail. And the cop asks me, "So, what time did you get in last night?" Oh crap, I think in my head. "Well, I didn't get in until about 3am this morning. I was at a Makeover Party. I know you can't tell it from the way I look right now. (nervous laugh)" Yeah, I seriously said all that. Anyway, he wrote everything down and called it in and gave me a report number. And left. I was humiliated at myself, how I looked and what I said. I was laying in bed last night after a not so funny day and had to laugh outloud at replaying the policeman visit in my head.

On a nice note, we have a neighbor who is a police man from another county. He heard our address over the scanner and checked on us. Isn't that sweet?? So good to know peeps are looking out for us!! I just thought I'd share some more of my craziness with you all :)

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Ashlie Seabolt said...

I can totally see this scene playing out at your house! At least God gave you a good laugh after such a horrible day! Love you girl!