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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, right?

Today is Wednesday right? I'm kind of mixed up on my days...weird I know. The kids have both been coughing and struggling with allergies so our routine is totally different this week. For the past couple of months I've had a pretty good schedule going (music class, preschool, playgroup preschool, gym, etc.) but this week that all went out the window. I think they're both fine, they're definitely getting better. We leave to go to Levi's sister's wedding next week. I'm excited about going but nervous about how the kids are going to sleep and hope that I can rest. I am a little weird about leaving Catalyst so soon after we're in our new building. I never thought I would be that way about getting's different for me. I'm just so anxious to see who comes to visit each week, I hate to miss. It will be great to be with Levi's family and catch up with some old friends too. It looks like we're going to get to stay with Wes & Andrea one night. I am super excited about that. Thanks Annie;)

Tomorrow we're going to take the kids to Chic-fil-a for breakfast and then head to the Dallas Farmer's Market to get some fresh produce. I'm really excited. The kids and I went with our playgroup last year and we had a ball. I'm glad Levi's going with me, it will be a fun family outing.

This is just kind of a random, this is what's going on with me post. I just realized I really don't have a point to what I'm writing, just filling you in. Hope you're all having a great week.

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HotMommy said...

I can't wait to hear the wedding details!