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Sunday, February 8, 2009


I just got back from my scrappin' retreat in Grand Saline, Texas. It was awesome. I went with my friend Shari, who is awesome. I had a great time connecting with her. The other ladies that came were great too. It was so nice to make some new friends and swap stories. They were so nice. We stayed at a scrapping retreat so our meals were prepared and were incredible. We were right on a little pond (or lake). The atmosphere was great. It was awesome for me to look back over the last couple of years via pictures and remember. How cool! I also got a lot done and am a little more motivated. I'm ready for Levi to get his "stuff" out of the office so I can get my "stuff" in there to scrap a little more often...I hope! It was also cool to be able to share about Catalyst and tell our story. It always shocks me that people want to hear about our church and how and why it's so different. It was an awesome weekend. I'm also thankful for my wonderful husband Levi....I know it's a challenge to be with the kids for a whole weekend alone but he did it. They all survived and the house looked great when I got added bonus. Thanks Babe!!

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