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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Monday

We had a good weekend. This week's schedule is going to be a little slower for which I am very grateful. I am taking the kids to a free music classic put on by Free Harmony. Last week was the first week and Addy did wonderful. Keegan did good until it was time for the "sticks." The teacher doesn't pass the sticks out until the child is sitting. Keegan did not get that concept and he wanted sticks. I had to wrestle him. Today we went back....Keegan did great. He even sat for his sticks, well kind of. I was so glad they both did so well. Then we made our Walmart run. I went to our Walmart Market. I did some research to use a lot of coupons. I used almost $20 in coupons. That's crazy. I couldn't believe how much I got...crazy. I made one of the e-mealz recipes for dinner, black eyed peas with ham, rice, and cornbread. It was really good. We also decided that we're heading to Austin this weekend. Sprang is preaching so Levi doesn't have to be there. We're going to go to church with our friends, they just launched their church plant last weekend. It will be fun to get away and fun to see them. This week is going to be more laid back and I'm thankful. I've got to pick up around the house and finish laundry. I'm embarassed to say that I was without laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent for the past few days and Levi was out of undies...he was not a happy camper with me. Is that TMI? Sorry, I'm back on track now...just telling you how desperate the situation was and how badly I need to stay home and take care of the house:)

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HotMommy said...

Hey, it's Stacey again. I really do feel like we're living parallel lives. I went to the Wal-Mart in Garland tonight, while the DH and DD went to toddler music class. I had 24.55 in coupons.

Now here's the test...are you getting your hair done tomorrow? If so, I think we may be entering a twilight zone of some sort!!!!;-)