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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Part 2

The day actually got MUCH better....dare I ask if it could have gotten worse?? Levi actually got up as I was blogging before and helped me clean up the mess. He actually stayed up and got ready for church. I went back to sleep for an hour or so.

Catalyst was really good today. It was very different. We had an acoustic service. Jonathan played and Meagan and I sang. We had a prayer service where we talked about different aspects of prayers and read scriptures that talked about prayer. We got to reflect, meditate, be still, and share. It was really nice. It was a good change and felt a lot more laid back. It was good to be back up to around 50 this week. We saw some new faces and some old ones that we've missed. It was encouraging to have a new family. I'll be glad when we get in our own building and have that consistency.

We came home and took a monster nap.....we all needed that. I think we're going to bike up to McDonald's for supper. I know that's kind of crazy but at least we're getting some exercise. Have a great Labor Day. We also found out some friends are expecting...that's great news to get on a Sunday.

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