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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Friends

Today we had some new friends over for dinner. It was nice to get to know them better. My heart hurts to hear people's hurts. I wish this life was a little easier and a little less painful sometimes. We are on the search for a pink backpack for Addy. We went to Target and Walmart and couldn't find the "right" one...let me translate..I couldn't find the one on sale for $5 that my friend Xuan told me about. We're going to her Walmart tomorrow to check it out. Addy is going to do a one day a week reading preschool program. She is so excited!!

Today, I read Acts 6. It talked about how the apostles were dealing with responsibilities that others could handle. The verse that stuck out was verse 4. 4 Then we apostles can spend our time in prayer and teaching the word.”

They were dividing the responsibilty so they could focus on the teaching, the area that they were gifted in. How often in church planting and life in general do we get bogged down in all the other responsibilities in life and don't focus on what our "thing" is. That "thing" is different for everybody. Somedays, I'm not sure what my thing is. Right now, it's to be a mommy. Even since we've been here, I've felt myself doing church stuff instead of mom stuff. I don't want to do that. This church is wonderful and is God given but my calling is to be a mom. This church isn't going to rise and fall on if I get the snacks for Sunday or don't do some fantastic craft idea. I need to realize that. I'm really thankful that some other people have stepped up and been willing to share some of the kid responsibility. It has been AWESOME. We're still praying for the right person to step into kid's ministry..somebody who has a true passion for that. If you think about that, say a prayer that we'll find that person.

Dear God, thank you for new friends. Help us to be who You want us to be to them. Help us to love them most of all. Help us not to get so preoccupied with all the responsibility in life that we neglect where you want us and what you want us doing.

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Barnes Family said...

good luck on the backpack search. We got Alex's SpeedRacer at Target for $13 (on sale from $20). We've been praying for you guys and the church down there. We started doing small groups at church here and since you guys were our "original" small group we've always got the whole group praying for your ministry! Hope you're all doing well!