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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We started our day this morning at Chic-fil-a...I love that place. It was so nice because there was only one other mom there. The kids could play and it was really nice.....nice until Keegan started squatting and grunting and I heard some "noise" coming from him. I thought, no big deal, he'll poop, I'll change him, keep playing, we're all good. So, down he climbs from the steps and I notice there was something wet and discolored on his shorts. He had diarrhea. I scooped him up and grabbed Addy and headed for the bathroom. Changed him, headed back for the playground knowing I'd have a mess to clean up. On my way back, the other mom stops me to tell me there was poop on the steps. I had to admit it was my kid. We ended up staying and talking to that mom for a while. It turned out okay but embarassing none the less.

I read Acts 5 today. I'm really enjoying Acts. The verse that stuck out was verse 41. 41 The apostles left the high council rejoicing that God had counted them worthy to suffer disgrace for the name of Jesus.

The apostles were whipped and let go after they were warned to quit teaching in Jesus' name. They were happy after they were whipped that they suffered for Jesus. WHAT??!! I'm sure that hurt, majorly. I think about how I whine when bad things happen, I do not rejoice. That definitely shows the level of spiritual maturity that they had to rejoice and be excited. I can kind of picture them giggling as they're going home and being like, "Dude, did you see how hard they hit me with that whip?? It was awesome!!" I need to take a lesson from that and be thankful for hardships or disgrace as related to being a Christ follower.

God, help me be okay when it comes to suffering for You...even joyous about it. Thanks for a good day and good friends.

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Chad Bowers said...

We like to go to Chic-fil-a sometimes on Tuesday evenings 6-8, because kids eat free. Not sure about other ones, but the Forney one offers that. Needless to say, it's crowded, with alot of kids, but, without fail, we see someone we know everytime we do the Tues night thing. Hey, when you have 3, it helps. And my kids love the playground.