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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shake it Off

Today was a good day. I went to my step class...woohoo...I've gone 2 days this week to work out and I'm sore. I've got to get another day in. We just kind of rested at home and got some things done. I did pick up my neighbor from school...yuck....all these parents wait in this SUPER long line to pick up their middle schooler. You've got to know which line to get into and where to meet your kid. I was a little sketchy with the details of that. I guess that's something to look forward too.

We met a couple for dinner tonight, it was great to get to know them a little better. I'm amazed that God continues to bring new and neat people into our lives. It really is cool. Levi and I had a few different "grown up" conversations today. Sometimes that's hard to do with 2 kiddos who want your attention ALL the time. It was good to talk some things out. I'm so proud of him with this church. It has been the hardest thing we've ever done. It's constantly changing because what you thought it would be like and look like and feel like isn't necessarily how it looks or feels and so it's a learning process. We are anxiously awaiting what God is going to do next. I pray that God would use me in spite of me and my shortcomings.

I read Acts 12 today. The end of that chapter is where Paul and Barnabas were kicking butt and the "religous" people were jealous and mad. They got everybody all worked up by telling lies and the version I read said, they "stirred" up the influential religious ladies. Man, how sad. Because of those people, I wonder who missed the Message and the Good News. God help those that are "stirrers." They will have to one day stand accountable for what they do. I don't ever want to be a stirrer, I want to be an encourager and a peacekeeper and peacemaker. Life is too short:) Paul and Barnabas left that town and they shook the sand from their feet because they were rejected there. I guess when we say "shake it off" it means the same thing. Shake it off and keep going :)

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