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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday-Early Sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday. Well, not so happy for me so far this morning. Our kids are both really good sleepers....usually. Well, Addy has been in a phase for the last couple of nights where she crawls in bed with us. Usually, I am not coherent enough to realize what's happening. This morning, at 3am, I took her back to her bed. She was very upset with her pj's. They weren't right. So, we changed pj's and went back to bed.....while I was in there with her, I hear Keegan crying. I think her crying might have awoken him. I guess he went back to sleep, Levi came in to tell us he was crying....not sure why. Levi went back to bed. I hear Becker whining....which means he needs to go out. Levi is all over Becker....usually.....not this morning obviously because at 4:45 when I go back in to my room, I smell something. Mind you, Becker has had diarrhea for the last day or two. We've been watching him and he seems fine other than that. I had the baby gate up so he couldn't get to where the new carpet was, thankfully. I usually put the gate up at night just so he doesn't go in Addy's room and wake her. Becker hardly EVER (I am tempted to say NEVER) has an accident inside....he's so good about that. When he has to go out he whines and if he's whining, he's held it as long as he can. So, you know what happens, I've been cleaning up. So, now it's 5:30am. Everyone in my house has been awake at some point between 3am and now. Everyone in my house is asleep, even Becker, except me. What a way to start a Sunday!!!

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