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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Acts 12

I have been reading Acts the past couple of weeks. Today I read chapter 12. Acts is a very interesting book if you've never read it. The thing that stuck out today was Rhoda, the servant girl. The chapter was about Peter being imprisoned by Herod and an angel of the Lord rescuing him. So Peter escapes and goes to this house where many believers are. He knocks, Rhoda, I guess looks out the peephole and freaks out basically. She doesn't let him in because she's so excited she runs to tell everybody while poor Peter is outside continuing to knock. When she ran to tell everybody, they didn't believe her, then they told her it must be his angel. The funny part is Peter is still knocking out in the street while they're in there arguing. I think that's funny that they mention Rhoda. I wonder why? She is a servant, she's a nobody but again, God uses the nobody. I'd be interested in knowing more about that. I read a few commentaries on Rhoda. One of them said that again there's a woman who is delivering good news and she is dismissed as being "mad." I don't know, I think God likes to surprise us with who He uses and how.

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