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Saturday, August 23, 2008


We got back from Women of Faith (WoF) this afternoon. I had a great weekend. I hope the rest of the ladies did too. It was so nice to be at a swanky hotel and to only have to worry about and pack for myself. I hope that doesn't sound selfish. On top of that to get to go to the conference was just an added bonus. I love women conferences. It's like estrogen overload but awesome. The speakers and singers were incredible. I think my favorite speaker was Patsy Clairmont. She is just such a firecracker. I loved Natalie Grant and Nicole C. Mullen....very different but both FULL of intensity. Everybody was great. I would love to travel around with them on their worship team, how cool would that be. I love hearing women sing, it was beautiful. I was challenged to love myself because of how much God loves me just like I am. We heard the speakers speak about how God's grace and love for us accepts us like we are with all the baggage, failures, and crap we tend to bring with us. It was great. I was also challenged to be patient and loving with my husband and kids. That's so hard sometimes. I really want Addy and Keegan to feel love from Levi and I and not judgement or conditionality (is that a word) or criticism. I want them to know they are good enough and worthy of love and adoration because they are them. I had a great weekend.

Levi survived as well :) I'll let him blog about it and see what he has to say:) We came back and hit the ground running with our last community in the park tonight. Hopefully, this week will slow down a bit. I'll write more later. Love you all.

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