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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have really enjoyed the rain this week. It's been so nice not to have sweltering heat...sweltering is a word right?? I went to the gym this morning and my ritual on Wednesdays is to head to Target. The kids and I love Target and now the Dollar Tree is in the same shopping center. I am so pumped about that. That's been my morning.

Today I read Acts 8. I'm really enjoying reading Acts. I've also been somewhat consistent for the last week and a half which is an accomplishment for me. It amazes me to read how people were persecuted and thrown into jail for talking about's so hard for me to fathom. The part that stuck out to me today was about Simon the Sorcerer and even he believed. When he saw Peter and John lay hands on people and the people receive the Holy Spirit, Simon wanted it and offered to pay for it. I thought Peter's reaction was pretty harsh. I mean, how cool for a sorcerer (who was paid to do magic) to 1 repent and believe and then 2 want what he saw Peter and John had. Peter basically told him he and his money could both die and he better pray that God would forgive him. I guess I see where Peter's coming from (and sometimes I think I'm harsh in my judgment so I guess I can relate) to an extent, receiving the Holy Spirit and being a Christ follower isn't something you can buy and it's definitely not about the "cool factor." But Simon's response was also humbling, he told Peter, pray for me so what you said doesn't happen to me. I think it was Simon's immaturity and the fact that this was so new. I think it's a good thing that he wanted it and maybe he just didn't understand enough about it to grasp the whole concept.

Pretty good reading today:) I've been thinking here lately about discipleship and how I can do a better job or a job period at discipling. I'm going to do some more reading up on that and praying that God would speak to my heart and lay it on their hearts (whoever they may be).


Levi said...

"even" Simon believed. That would preach!

HeatherLow said...

you're welcome:)