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Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We've had a great Labor Day weekend. Last night we just hung out as a family. We actually rode our bikes up to McDonald's for supper and met a neighbor of our good friends. It is such a small world. Today Levi did some yard work and cleaned up inside. We took the kids to get shoes. Addy has to wear closed toe shoes to school. We lucked out at Dillards, they were having 75% off summer stuff. I got Keegan some shorts and shoes and Addy some bathing suits for next year. No luck for Addy with shoes so we went to Payless. We ate lunch at Pei Wei which was pretty good. Our favorite is Rice Boxx. We went to dinner at Xuan and Juan's. We have so much fun with them. We ended our night with heavy hearts. It's so hard to hear when family is hurting. My initial reaction is to fix and figure out how I can handle it for them. I've been praying really hard the last couple of hours that God would draw near and be almost tangible to this loved one.

I've been reading in Acts. Now, it's telling about where Paul traveled and who with and what happened as he was preaching and teaching. It's kind of crazy what he went through. He was stoned, flogged, put in prison, fussed at, parted ways with a friend, and more. It's amazing how strong Paul must have been.

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