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Friday, September 5, 2008

Preschool Blues

Today was the day that Addy started her preschool. She was so excited. She was ready to get into her class and leave us behind. I had a harder time with it. I got teary as we drove away from her. I am glad she's independent and ready. I just hope those teachers love her like she deserves to be loved. I think that might be my biggest fear about her being away from me is that the other adults that are responsible for her will love her like I do (or close). I don't want her to be an afterthought or pushed aside, mistreated, made fun of, etc etc etc. Am I weird or is that normal? She had a great day. I asked her 20 questions about what she did, who her friends were, etc etc etc. She was so funny answering them. I'm so thankful for her. I've included a picture of us walking into school.

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