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Friday, September 19, 2008

Small World

I have to tell this story and I'll be through blogging until next week. I'm into couponing and I've been reading up on blogs of other CVS'ers and Walgreens shoppers. I tried a Walgreen's deal last week and I posted on one of the other blogs. Come to find out, one of the other bloggers lives close to me. We've been posting back and forth on each other's blogs and we've had some weird coincedences about schedules and shopping, etc. Come to find out, we have common friends that she went to high school with and I went to college with. We're both southerners...from the southeast that is. How cool is that?!! I thought it was really neat and we're going to try to meet up at some point. Just thought I'd share how small the world is:)


HotMommy said...

Yay! A new friend is a very good thing! I did a LOT of shopping at Wags this weekend. Do you want to try to neet up this week? We can do Thursday or Friday.

Teaching by Mom said...

The lord knows when we need to be reminded that there are more like ourselves living similar lives. He knows it encourages us so! What a blessing!

Oh, could you add a feed option or a follower option? I would like to sign up to be your 'follower' ;O)