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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend has flown by. It was a lot of fun. We left for Austin Saturday mid-morning. We took our time getting there and stopped at some outlets on the way. I love hitting The Children's Place outlet. We got a TON of stuff and my bill was $18.98. I got Keegan 5 pairs of shoes for $1.99 each. I got him swim trunks, a couple of shirts, and shorts. Addy's size clothing was very sparse so she ended up with some times for $0.19 a piece...CRAZY!! I loved it. We got to hotel in the afternoon and Addy loves hotels, she says, "ho-teel." She was so excited to swim. We all had fun. We went over to the Self's house last night and had pizza and just visited with them. I love spending time with them and I forgot how much fun they are. The kids played and we got to talk. We went to Free Chapel this morning. It was cool to see another church plant that also meets in a movie theatre. It was also great just to be able to enjoy the service. We had a great time. We missed Catalyst and found ourselves calling to check on the service as soon as we got in the van. We headed back today. I know I told you it was short. The kids did nap on the way back but it seemed like the trip back took forever. Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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